One Hell of a Ring: Symbolism of Biker Rings

When it comes to biker rings, you can easily describe those – tough, stout, heavy, and shiny. Jewelry for motorcyclists is normally made of silver. It is a favorite biker metal not only because it is sturdy and resilient but also due to its lustrous sleek appearance that mirrors polished chrome motorcycle parts. Besides solid look and silver finishing, how much do you actually know about biker rings? How many styles you are aware of? In this brief style guide, we’ll list the most iconic biker ring designs.

Mexican Biker Rings

Did you know that the first biker rings have been made in Mexico? Those appeared after the Mexican revolution that basically destroyed the country’s economy. The inflation was so severe that Peso literally lost all its value. The artisans, however, found a way to utilize worthless coins. They melted them down and used the alloy to mold jewelry. Bikers who hung out in little towns near the Mexican border spotted these gripping rings. At that time, a Mexican ring cost only 5 bucks, so bikers could afford to rock them on every finger. The vintage biker rings were a little bit different than what we are used to today – they were yellow (because coins contained copper), didn’t feature any stone inlays but instead, they boasted carving and embossing with traditional Mexican symbolism – skulls, Indians, scorpions, eagles, etc.

Sugar Skull Rings

At first glance, sugar skull rings are kind of feminine – they feature floral patterns, colorful enamel, a scattering of precious stones, and inserts of contrasting metals. However, such a sophisticated look shouldn’t scare true bikers away. Sugar skull rings carry a profound meaning behind a playful appearance. They have been forged in honor of Santa Muerte, Lady of Holy Death, who represents Death itself. She protects and cares for people who revere her. Bikers respect Death, too, and try to please her with totem skull jewelry designed to safeguard against evil spirits and premature death. Therefore, if you see a motorcyclist rocking a sugar skull ring, you will know that this item is his amulet. If you are intrigued and would like to purchase a skull ring for yourself, check out this biker jewelry brand

Iron Cross Rings

An Iron Cross is the highest military award in the Nazi army. However, do not make a mistake by attributing bikers to neo-Nazis or anarchists because they are not. Well, we are sure that some biker gangs share nationalistic views but the majority of bikers have nothing to do with Nazism. Then why do they wear Icon Crosses? During World War II, American soldiers picked up awards of defeated enemies as trophies. When the war was over, they flocked back home but found it difficult to integrate into the new, unfamiliar civil world. They started wearing those crosses to show protest against the US policy and the processes going on in the society. In the course of time, the meaning of the Iron Cross as the symbol of rebellion has subsided. Now Iron Cross rings are just edgy jewelry items but you should know where they came from anyway.

1% Biker Rings

A 1% ring is another piece of biker jewelry with meaning. Unlike Iron Cross rings, these items have retained the same meaning they carried dozens of years ago. It all started when the head of the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) said that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens while the rest, according to him, were the outlaws. That 1% of bikers was outraged at his remark but at the same time, they started adding 1% patches and accessories to their outfits to denote their belonging to the outlaw biker community. Today, if you spot a 1% ring on a tattooed tough-looking rider, it is likely that he belongs a motorcycle gang.

There are many other symbols featuring in biker jewelry – skulls, Maltese crosses, dragons, eagles, Confederate flags, etc. We hope that our brief guide helped you understand biker culture a little bit better.

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