Most Popular Hairstyles for Women in 2022

Top 7 Trends to Consider for Your New Look

You can celebrate! Winter is almost over, and spring is here to bring us fresh hairstyles for 2022. It’s time to let down your locks, and try something new – but which trend is going to inspire you to take on spring with a new look? Check out our top hair trends for 2022 and get ready to book your next salon appointment! manytoons

1. Custom Take On a Classic Bob

You know exactly what a bob looks like, but 2022 is overhauling this classic look. For instance, you can ask your stylist for a long bob, an asymmetrical bob, or something super short and chic. An expert stylist can give your bob an undercut, so it naturally curls under. This can save you tons of time in the morning and help you ditch the heated styling tools. manytoon

Even better, a bob looks great on all textures and types of hair. All you need to do is ask your stylist which salon products are best for your hair, and a bob is the beachy look you’ve always wanted for summer. rexdlcom

2. Bangs Are Having a Big Moment

Now that we’re past the horror of home-cut bangs, it’s time to experiment with this revived trend. You don’t need to go full-on fringe to enjoy the benefits of bangs. Try curtain bangs, wispy bangs, or two tendrils that frame your face. Just remember that bangs can be a little high-maintenance, so you’ll have to give yourself a few extra minutes when you want to get ready.

Color is a great way to give your bangs dimension. Consider sun-kissed highlights or go bold with blonde tendrils.

3. Play It Cool With a Pixie Cut

If you’re looking for the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle, then the pixie cut is for you! Not only is this cut easy to take care of, it can be tailored to bring out your features through texture and color. Ask your stylist about an asymmetrical pixie cut, which looks incredible on all face shapes. All you need is the right pomade or hair wax, and you’re good to go.

Though a pixie cut takes a lot less time to style, you’ll still need to make regular salon appointments. So, make sure you have the time to schedule regular cuts to maintain your look. You can cut costs by scheduling your regular cut at a cosmetology school.

4. Braids Are Here to Stay

Are you looking for a new style, but don’t want to cut or color your hair? Then try braids! They are an easy way to achieve a trendy look, and they don’t damage your hair. However, braids that are too tight can certainly damage your scalp. It’s best to get long-wear braids, like box braids and cornrows, performed by a professional.

The latest trend in cornrows is highly intricate designs. Ask your stylist to flex their skills the next time you go to get braids. Just remember to grab a product to soothe your scalp and protect it from the sun.

5. Say “Hello” to Finger Waves

This classic trend from the 1920s is a great way to channel old Hollywood glamor. It takes quite a bit of technique, but once you have it down, you won’t be able to stop using this style inspired by the silver screen. Just hit the search button for “cosmetology school near me,” and one of the students can show you this classic technique.

Finger Waves work well with all hair types. Just be sure to ask your stylist what kind of gel or hairspray will give you soft, natural-looking waves, and avoid any product that might make your hair dry and crunchy.

6. Go for the Big Chop

It’s no secret that years of chemical processing and using heated styling tools can damage your hair. Sometimes, it’s just best to start over with fresh locks. Discover your natural hair and go back to basics with the big chop. You’ll love to run your fingers through undamaged hair, and you’ll save a ton of money by visiting the salon less and ditching products meant for damaged hair.

Remember, your hair is part of your identity. acmarketnet So, make sure you’re absolutely ready to lose a good amount of length when you sit in the salon chair.

7. Embrace What You Think Is Beautiful

The top trend in hair for 2022 is embracing your unique definition of beauty. That could mean you want to go wild with short, choppy curls, or express yourself with long layers that have rainbow highlights. Whatever you choose, wear it confidently and you’ll always turn heads!

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