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Medical Uniforms Around the World


Do you wonder if nurses and doctors around the world dress the same way you do? Medical staff worldwide today have different options for their uniforms. All of them come in slight variations. However, in some places around the world, they can be strikingly different. Some uniforms could identify religious affiliation, like the uniforms for nurses in some countries and regions in South America. Their catholic nurses have various accessories that resemble a nun’s uniform. Other medical staff uniforms can be seen in religious places on the other side of the world, even. In Eastern Europe, in some hospitals funded by the church – nurses could dress as nuns. If you are looking for high-quality scrubs for your medical staff members, click here. If you want to learn more about medical uniforms worldwide, keep reading this article.

The History of Medical Uniforms 

Scrubs didn’t exist until the 20th century. Before that, nurses wore classic white dresses with distinctive caps that we see in the pictures of the time. One of the interesting things about medical work wear of the time is that some doctors and surgeons didn’t even wear any uniform. They used to go to work with their own everyday clothes. What is interesting is that surgeons performed surgeries with their personal casual clothes up until the 1940s. The only thing they wore as protective cover was the white butcher’s apron for blood stains.

Imagine having wounded soldiers in the wars in the hospitals back then. Surgeons would go with their personal clothes, wearing only an apron to perform surgeries on them. This practice led to many infections that could have been prevented. So medical professionals came to the conclusion that they have to have a sterilized, clean environment to prevent further infections and disease on their patients. Partially, that’s how they came up with the scrubs. Medical staff members started using medical suits that they would wear only at work to reduce any further infections on their patients. They chose the white color, which symbolizes purity and cleanliness. By the 1960s, the world also got introduced to the green medical uniform. And in the past few decades, we could see various colors from red to pink, blue, all the shades of green, white, and even prints with different colors.

As we mentioned above, there are some parts of the world where you can see medical uniforms that represent the religious beliefs or ethnic identities of different regions. Places like Guatemala or Polynesia have very different medical uniforms reminiscent of their colorful cultural background. In Egypt, for example, women would wear a full-face veil when working at a medical facility. Even though the laws of the country don’t require it, most Muslim women who work in the medical field do so. That is still seen as a controversy in the community.

Medical Scrubs Become More and More Identical

Now when the world is becoming more and more connected in a global village, medical uniforms around the world tend to be standardized. With the high-tech advancement in fabric structure and fabric features production to tailoring the best medical clothing design to remove all kinds of movement restrictions in the cut, more and more medical facilities turn to brands that offer high-quality medical scrubs. At ScrubBox, you can find various medical uniform designs with different colors and prints that would best suit your medical facility and staff members.

One thing that stays the same is that all medical staff members wear the same uniform in the medical facility they are a part of. That makes them distinguishable among their patients.

The medical uniform is necessary because, that way, you can quickly identify the doctors, the nurses, and other medical staff in a hospital. Usually, the different work wear signifies the position of the medical staff member. For instance, if you see a doctor with a funky print on their uniform, they are likely a pediatrician.

To Sum it Up… 

Medical facilities worldwide require different uniforms, some of which signify religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds. For instance, in Egypt, some countries in South America, and Eastern Europe, we can still see medical professional staff members wear religious accessories to their uniforms. However, as the world becomes more and more connected and the technological aspects of fabric production advance, uniforms for medical professionals become more and more standardized. At ScrubBox, you can see different medical uniform styles for men and women, with various clean cuts and in many different colors. Choose those clothes that would best suit your medical facility and staff members’ needs.

One thing that remains the same for all medical professionals globally is that they need to be easily recognized by their patients, so they cannot go to work casually dressed in their own clothes anymore, as they used in the past.

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