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Make Your Car Racing Experience More Exciting With a Cool Water Shirt


One of the most important things for the race driver is to stay cool behind the wheel. That will keep his focus and mind sharp and allow his body to maintain proper temperature. Your body heats up while driving. That can have an impact on your sports racecar driving experience. That’s why, with advanced technology, we see a revolutionary item for driver cooling – check out White Cool Water Shirt. If you want to learn more about this Cool Water shirt, keep reading this article. 

What Is Its Purpose?

The Cool Water Shirt is designed to help your body maintain its safe temperature within a super hot environment. That shirt is not just a t-shirt made of cooling fabric. It has an interesting feature – a built-in tubing, which supplies continual cooling on the driver’s torso. The shirt’s tubing gets connected to a special delivery system, suppling it with cold water, pumped around the shirt’s tubes, reducing the heat and cooling the body. This revolutionary technological item has several benefits. One of them is very important for the professional race car driver – dehydration. When the driver is sweating the whole time, it is only natural to get dehydrated. 

That can affect the entire driving experience. It can cause the driver to lose focus and control of the vehicle, leading to further problems. Cooling the body also prevents you from getting heat stress. The wearer can also notice another benefit – increasing the reaction time, which could reduce erroneous actions.

Why Invest in the Cool Shirt Cooling Technology?

Whether you are a professional driver or an enthusiast, you will see the many benefits of the Cool Shirt. First of all, it is made of excellent quality materials. The fabric is made of cotton, and the feature includes a complex cooling unit utilizing circulating cool water. It is good to invest in this item, as it would provide more comfort while driving and also increase your productivity as a driver, increase your focus, reduce errors and make you feel much more confident and safe. It will reduce heat fatigue, which makes you physically and mentally exhausted during driving. Sometimes, there is a risk of heat stroke when the temperatures in the vehicle rise too much.

The best part is that the Cool Shirt works with any personal cooling system on the market that allows circulating water.

The Cool Shirt Keeps You Safe and Focused

Imagine if you can get rid of the problem of heating up in the car. That is one of the disadvantages many racecar drivers experiences. Because of the adrenaline and the excitement, most of them start sweating more and more while driving, and they need their senses sharp and their focus like a laser. The heat can give you stress and distract you from your driving, that’s why, you need to be cool at all times. The Cool Shirt will give you the ability to experience your sports car racing session to the fullest. 

What Makes the Cool Water Shirt So Effective? 

The Cool Water Shirt would allow faster and more efficient body temperature maintenance. It will help you maintain the optimum temperature for your body, allowing you to have a relief of any heat fatigue. According to studies, the cool water will transfer body heat 28 times faster than cool air. Another great thing about it is: you can connect and disconnect the cooling unit. You can also wear the shirt for a long period of time without any hesitation or worry that you can damage it or that you can get soaked in sweat in it. 

The Cool Water Shirt returns the perfect moderate body temperature within minutes. It is an essential item for professional athletes, firefighters, industrial workers and, of course, race car drivers. The shirt is becoming more and more popular, and people find it as an essential equipment either for work or for their favorite hobby.

To Conclude… 

If you want the maximum of your racecar driving experience, you can count on the Cool Shirt to give you the best feel during your session on the track. You can also wear it for longer periods. It will keep you cool at all times, focused on your driving, and boost your confidence to have the time of your life. If you want to invest in excellent quality equipment for your racecar driving – this shirt is the winner. You can find the Cool Water Shirt available in two colors at Westwood Racing Supplies. It would be a great addition to your existing essential equipment for your racecar session. So get the maximum of your experience, live the excitement, and enjoy your race car driving without hesitation or worry that you will heat up with this state-of-the-art, innovative Cool Water Shirt. 

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