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Lockets: The Piece Of Jewellery That Will Never Go Out Of Style


Gold lockets for women is a pendants worn on a chain around the neck. It can also be worn as a bracelet or as a charm attached to a bracelet. Gold lockets for women typically have hinges that when opened, feature a little secret space inside where personal items such as photos or a lock of hair can be kept.

Significance Of Lockets

Be it the modern lockets or traditional nallapusalu gold chain they hold a lot of meaning to people.

While most lockets have sentimental meanings, some people utilize them to transport perfumed scents. As a result, the importance of a locket varies based on what is contained within the necklace. Lockets are commonly used to hold the following items.

How Gold Lockets For Women Are Often Used As A Symbol Of Love

Whether the locket contains a portrait of someone, a prayer, or a desire, it is almost certainly something the wearer treasures. The wearer wants to keep this keepsake with them at all times and wear it on them so they can find it. When you keep a prayer or wish inside the necklace, you’ll remember it as you wear it, giving your hopes and wishes more meaning. In India traditional lockets like nallapusalu gold chain , Pustelu, Maangalyamu and Dejhoor represent cultural values.

There are a variety of stylistic inspirations, such as the following, regardless of the type of locket jewellery.

Different Styles Of Pendants You Can Opt For

The Modern Way Of Styling Gold Lockets For Women

Locket wearing is becoming a popular fad among younger generations, and it has taken on a whole new significance. Lockets have been adopted by a new generation as aspirational pieces as well as a look (it’s timeless, adaptable, and nostalgically romantic).

  • You can style gold lockets for women with office wear, as they are sleek and charming and not too gaudy to make your outfit look too dressy.
  • You can wear gold lockets for women with casual wear, like tee’s and summer dresses. These would immediately add a lot of charm to your simple ootd, without overshadowing your look.

Gold Locket Designs To Go With Your Modern Looks

1. One Frame On Either Side

Hinged lockets frequently display two frames, one on each side, when opened. You may use two frames to display images of your parents, grandparents, or other family members. You may put a photo of you and your significant other in a symbolic locket to keep the two of you together forever in the jewellery.

2. Personalized Locket Necklace

Personalized locket necklaces are designed to hold a special memory. These are mostly sterling silver lockets with a personalised message inscribed on them. These are useful in a variety of situations. Inside the locket, most couples engrave their names and a particular date. These add personality to your office and casual looks.

3. Add A Pop Of Color To Your Outfits

There’s nothing more empowering in style than a strong pop of color, and there’s no reason why you can’t use your locket to achieve this.

Go for a bright red or blue enamel locket hung on a black steel chain and paired against a traditional gold or silver pendant.

Traditional Locket Designs And Ways Of Wearing Them

  • Nallapusalu Gold Chain

Thaali is worn with a gold chain called “Manja Kayiru” during a Tamil wedding. During the ceremony, there is a yellow thread. The yellow thread is replaced with a gold chain or “Nallapusalu,” a mangalsutra chain with black beads. Also known as nallapusalu gold chain.

  • Kashmiri Mangalsutra (Dijhor, Dejhooor)

The mangalsutra worn by Kashmiri brides is quite unique. They’re actually gold earrings braided with plain red thread. During the wedding ceremony, the parents present the earrings to their Kashmiri bride.

Gold lockets for women make for excellent gifts between lovers, family members and close friends.

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