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Jason Gilbert, M.D., P.C is a comprehensive ophthalmic practice and glaucoma specialist in Medford, MADr. Gilbert’s team specializes in eye care and stays updated on ophthalmic technology. The clinic specialized in the latest technology and eye treatment including general eye care, refractive lens exchange, cataract surgery, premium lens implants, Macular degeneration, glaucoma, refractive surgery, diabetic eye care, and keratoconus treatment.

Glaucoma damages the optic nerve in the eye and causes blindness or vision loss. The optic nerve includes 1+ million nerve fibers connecting to the brain retina. The retina lies in the backside of the eye and is sensitive to light. For good vision, the optic nerve has to be healthy. There is a clear fluid that consistently flows inside and outside the eye front or anterior chamber.

From the chamber, it reaches the intersection of iris and cornea and flows through meshwork like a drain, and exits the eye. When the meshwork draining slows and the fluid builds up eye pressure increases and this situation damages the optic nerve.

A damaged optic nerve can cause vision loss and open-angle glaucoma. Patients that are at risk of vision issues include diabetics, everyone over 60+, genetic, and African Americans over 40 years. Instant treatment at an early stage diagnosis can help to push back the open-angle glaucoma disease.

Dr. Gilbert’s team will perform a dilated eye exam. It helps them identify risk factors like high eye pressure, abnormal optic nerve anatomy, and cornea thinness. In case of certain high-risk factor combinations, eye drops can help to reduce the glaucoma development risk by 50%.

Laser surgery is another procedure that allows ophthalmologists to lower eye pressure and help patients prevent more invasive surgery. The advanced laser system allows enhancing the fluid flow within the eye thus decreasing the intraocular pressure for glaucoma patients.

OCT is a unique and innovative diagnostic instrument used to detect retina health. Retina tissue in the eye’s backside collects data and transmits it to the brain for processing. There is a focused laser that scans & measures retina data. The laser is used to scan the optic nerve and the retina. Thus, the eye care team monitors diabetes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma diseases with OCT.

Everyone at Jason Gilbert, M.D., P.C has extensive education as well as clinical training. They use the latest treatment and diagnostic tools ranging from state of art imaging to instruments and tools that help in performing minimally invasive surgeries efficiently.

The eye care professionals at Jason Gilbert, M.D., P.C focus on face-to-face consultation to understand eye conditions and customized treatment plans. In general, patients research from online resources, but asking the experts is more beneficial. The eye care provider is in the best place to recommend how to handle eye conditions and stay healthy.

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