LifestyleIs there any such thing as winter dandruff?

Is there any such thing as winter dandruff?


The winter months are supposed to be fun, where you can get a break from the heat and actually enjoy the cool weather. However, if this change in season brings dandruff along, it can ruin all your plans and leave you wondering about the cause of dandruff in winter.

First let’s break down why dandruff occurs. This is a scalp ailment that affects 1 in 2 people across the world, caused by a fungus and excessive oil build-up. This naturally occurring fungus, called Malassezia Globosa, can break down the oil on your scalp and create fatty acids. If your body is sensitive towards this acid, it will trigger severe scalp itching, redness and flaking of dead skin cells.

What causes dandruff in winter?

One thing to remember is that dandruff can occur irrespective of the season. Summer, monsoon, winter, all can cause this problem. But there might be some underlying reasons for dandruff in winter:

  • Dry scalp – This is a common situation in the cold season, and is ironically one of the main causes of dandruff in winter. Excessive drying out of your scalp can force your body into producing more oil as compensation. This can build up and provide fodder for the dandruff-causing fungus, making you hunt for dandruff in winter home remedies.
  • Infrequent hair washing – You might have a tendency to wash your hair less in the winter weather. Even the risk of catching a cold is quite high. But this can allow oil, germs, dirt and pollutants to build up on your scalp, which could be a reason for dandruff in winter.
  • Temperature change – You might be rushing from cold outdoors to hot indoors or to hot showers. These sudden changes in the temperature can disrupt the oil ecosystem on your scalp and allow fungus to grow.
  • Head wear – It’s important to cover your head in the winter months so as to prevent excessive drying. But this also increases the heat on your scalp, which gives the dandruff-causing microbes a moist environment to thrive in. Not washing your hats and caps can further add germs to the scalp and be a reason of dandruff in winter.
  • Stress – Winter fatigue is real and can be what causes dandruff in winter. Stress can lead to hormonal fluctuations, which directly impacts your oil secretion. This can lead to a build-up and eventually winter dandruff.

How to get rid of dandruff?

Comprehending why dandruff occurs in winter is just one step. You now need to identify methods on how to remove dandruff. Luckily there are different types of dandruff treatment at home in winter:

  • Anti-dandruff shampoo – You need a product that understands how is dandruff formed. Shampoos that attack the underlying causes of dandruff can help you get rid of your problems. Like the Head and Shoulders Cool Menthol, which removes upto 100% dandruff-causing germs and prevents dandruff from coming back.
  • Dandruff in winter home remedies – You can use various products from your pantry to create a homemade hair mask, especially oils. Argan oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, all of these ingredients can help you fight dandruff in some form. Be careful with the combinations and quantities.
  • Hot showers – Avoid sudden changes in temperature, as this can cause dry scalp, trigger excessive oil production and be a reason for why dandruff occurs in winter. Use lukewarm or cool water instead.
  • Careful with hair products – Avoid using any products that are alcohol-based, as this can excessively dry out your scalp and leave it vulnerable to the outside world.
  • Conditioners – Often ignored, this can help with moisture retention in your hair and invariably your scalp. Remember to condition after shampoo or use a product that combines the two, like the Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 Smooth and Silky. This can give you up to 100% dandruff protection while restoring any damaged hair strands, helping you save time and effort.
  • Reduce your stress – This is vital for your body’s constitution, especially during the colder months as stress can be the cause of dandruff in winter. Eat healthy, meditate and exercise, so that your body is not reacting to high stress levels.

Dandruff can seem like a heavy burden to bear but you have multiple solutions to help you manage it. And if you’re still worried, you should head to a dermatologist to get a better diagnosis.

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