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Is M Design a good course? Which design field is best for the future?

An M Design course, also known as a Master of Design, is a graduate-level programme that focuses on the advanced study of design techniques and principles. The M Design course focuses on the design of products, often with a specific emphasis on user-centered design methods. It covers topics such as prototyping, research, design thinking, and user testing, intending to produce designs that are both visually appealing and easy to use. The course also focuses on developing critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills, which are important for success in a design career. Overall, an M Design is a good course that can provide students with the foundations to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving design industry. 

The field of design is quite broad and encompasses many areas of expertise, including graphic design, interior design, fashion design, industrial design, and more. Each area of design has its unique set of skills and techniques. The M. Design course typically offers different specialisation that allows students to build expert knowledge within a domain of their interest. Here are some of the most popular M.Design specialisations with growing relevancy in the future:

  • Product Design 
  • Transportation and Mobility Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Fashion Design

These are some of the most popular M Design specialisations of the constantly evolving design field. However, the fields might differ in the levels of growth potential in the future. Amongst these specialisations, opting for a product design discipline can be advantageous for the future. Here’s how.

Product design is considered a promising specialisation for the future for several reasons:

Advancement in technology: With the rapid pace of technological advances, there is an increasing demand for professionals who can design products that take advantage of new technologies.

Consumer demand for innovative products: Consumers increasingly demand functional, sustainable, and user-friendly products. Product designers who can create products that meet these demands will be in high demand.

Increase in e-commerce and online sales: The rise of e-commerce and online sales has increased the sale of products online, subsequently creating a demand for product designers who can design products that are visually appealing and easy to understand online.

Greater focus on sustainability: As consumers and companies become more environmentally conscious, there is a growing demand for sustainable products. Product designers knowledgeable about sustainable materials and manufacturing processes will be in high demand.

Growing industries: The growth of new industries such as IoT, Robotics, and autonomous systems will create new opportunities for product designers.

Personalisation and Customisation: With the rise of 3D printing, personalising and customising products have become more accessible than ever. Product designers with the skills to design for customisation will be in high demand.

Emphasis on user-centered design: The focus on user-centered design is becoming increasingly important in product design. With the rise of Design Thinking and Human-centered design methodologies, the focus will be on understanding the user and providing a user-friendly design.

Interdisciplinary field: Product design is a multidisciplinary field, which means that it combines knowledge and skills from multiple areas such as engineering, design, and business. This allows product designers to have a holistic approach to design which is increasingly important in the future.

Diverse career opportunities: Product designers can work in various industries and roles, from designing consumer products to designing medical equipment, transportation systems, and more.

The future of product design will be more digitised, data-driven, and connected. Product designers who can design innovative products, are connected, and have the ability to collect and analyse data will be in high demand. If you are a creative individual, pursuing an M. Des course can help you carve a career that will transform your passion into a lucrative profession!

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