Ionic cold air hair straightness

The Ceramic ionic cold air hair straightener, 1.25 Inch cold air straightener costs less than half as much as many of its competitors but is rated by customers ahead of most of them. That’s the beauty of this handy little tool and you’ll love the beauty it gives your hair every time you use it. Olayer hair straightener company’s quality and attention to detail is found throughout this iron. It begins with Nano titanium that offers exceptionally balanced distribution of heat for complete stability stroke after stroke.

This ionic cold air flat iron heats up immediately and has a near-zero recovery time that won’t keep you waiting or have hot or cold spots as you work it through your tresses. The Nano titanium is also lightweight yet durable and won’t produce hand or wrist fatigue like heavier irons can.

The Ceramic ionic cold air hair straightener emits far-infrared heat that is gentle on hair so that it straightens and styles without harsh, drying heat that can cause damage. It seals the cuticle of each strand to protect it against heat, washing and other processing. Surround heat offers better performance and allows you to get closer to your scalp without risk of burn.

The. 5 inch plates offer great versatility. Use them to create a sleek, straight look or apply them to tresses to craft something more fun or sporty. This compact, adaptable tool is perfect for leaving at home or taking with you on travels in town or across the country. In fact, at this price leaving one at home and having one in your bag makes perfect sense.

There are many of the hair styling tools used on hair cause damage, from hair curler iron to hair blow dryers, it’s good news hat the Ceramic ionic cold air hair straightener made by Olayer hair straighter company will surely help recover your hair’s health by locking in moisture & natural oils. Combine that with the Ceramic ionic cold air hair straightener tool’s will help you create great hair curl style, and will be healthy to you hair with this cold air systems and 20 million negative ions.

This Ceramic ionic cold air hair straightener is patented hair curler which has the very good new technology. The ceramic plates in the Ceramic ionic cold air hair straightener gently straightens hair without any damaging to your hair. The area two 20 turns fan blowing the cool air immediately after the cold air straightener sliding thought your hair, with the navigate ions and the cold hair there will be 20 million ions to your hair and will make you hair cool done immediately and get sleek and shiny hair in the very short time, this cool air will make your hair cool fast from the heating. This ceramic ionic cold air straightener is one of the best hair straightener on the market today.

Olayer is hair styling tools manufacturer and hair dryer company in China, offer OEM/ODM hairdressing tools to the world, meanly make cold air flat iron, cold air curling iron, powerful hair high speed hair dryer, powerful professional hair dryer, 6 in 1 curling iron, hair straightener brush. If you are looking for hair care products for your own design or private label to our currently hair irons, welcome to contact us.

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