How to Wear Crystal Jewelry for Style and Healing

Crystals are known to be objects that help us accessorize because of their unique shape and stunning geometric colors. It does indeed capture one’s attention. But there’s more to crystals than what meets the eye because these gems have healing properties, too. It’s more than just vanity;  it’s a possession that serves a deeper purpose.

In this article, we will be giving you tips on how you can properly wear your crystals, not just for flaunting their style but for maximizing their healing purposes as well.

1. Wearing crystals as rings. 

When you wear crystal-embellished rings, they just blend so perfectly with your skin. They don’t look awkward because they’re simply socially acceptable and stylish. But more than that, crystal rings do some healing wonders to your heart because they’re connected to your palm chakras. Also, wearing crystal rings improve your work because they calm you and give you a sense of confidence, thereby affecting the quality and flow of your work.

2. Crystals necklaces

You’re not accessorizing enough if you don’t have a necklace, right? So, if you want to accessorize with a necklace you might as well consider wearing a real crystal necklace because it does something to your body.

Crystal necklaces help you get rid of the potential energies that negatively affect your throat, heart, and solar plexus chakras. These three affect communication, emotions, and confidence. It is said that crystal necklaces help you internally. These can heal you from the adverse effects which came from bad vibes perhaps because of grieving moments.

3. Crystal earrings 

Another less obvious way of wearing crystal is through an earring. It’s fashionable and definitely gives you a formal and elegant look because of the intricate shape of the crystal. But, the deeper reason why you need to wear crystal earrings is that it opens up the upper chakras, such as your third eye, crown, and throat chakras of your body. Plus, the upper energy centers. Wearing them enables healing by removing potentially negative and unwanted energies surrounding these areas of your body. The ultimate effect is that it improves your words and thoughts.

4. Crystals on the ankle

Another stylish and subtle way to wear crystals would be wearing them as crystal anklets. Crystal anklets work to eliminate bad energies blocking your foot chakras. Foot chakras are the ones connecting us to the earth and thereby affect your safety and life force. Thus, these things experience imbalances and that’s where crystal anklets work on. It removes those unwanted elements and allows you to live your life on earth peacefully and balanced.

Final Words

Wearing crystals as jewelry is indeed purposeful because it strikes a balance between style and healing. Crystals, indeed, are not merely decorations or ornaments for the home. For enthusiasts and newbies to the crystal world, they are rather made and regarded as something essential for day-to-day life. Now that you know the ways crystals can be worn and their uses, you should carefully select which ones are suitable for you.

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