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How to Revive Your Natural Curls

Curly hair can be one of the most positive things for your overall look, or it can turn into your biggest nightmare. And no one knows this better than girls, naturally gifted with voluminous curly or wavy hair. On some days, it looks great, with well-shaped curls and volume, and on others, we are just grateful that someone has invented a hairband.

One of the most important things you need to consider when you set on the mission to revive your natural curls is the products that you use. It is essential to use natural hair products and avoid any toxic chemicals. That’s why we can safely recommend Dianella. Their vegan, cruelty-free, high-quality hair products include vitamin-packed blueberry extract. If you want to learn more about how to revive your natural curls, keep reading this article. 

More than any other type of hair, curly hair is sensitive to factors such as season, moisture, styling products, hairdryers, and hair presses. It is even affected by the pillow we sleep on. In addition, it is significantly drier by nature, which automatically means that it requires a lot more care and a lot of moisture. 

What does it take to have impressive curls seven days a week? Some stylists have revealed their secrets for beautiful curly hair, which every lady should know.

Never Use a Hair Brush on a Dry Curly Hair

One of the biggest mistakes that every woman with curly hair sooner or later learns is that combing is the enemy of a good hairstyle. Using combs and brushes not only spoils the look of naturally shaped curls by strengthening them. It also creates an unpleasant effect on the strands. They leave them flying around uncontrollably and making the hairs look static (electrified), but also because they destroy the structure of the hair. Passing a brush through the hair, whether wet or dry, is a sure recipe for damage.

Instead, use your fingers while in the shower to get rid of knots. Another option is a comb with a wide comb, which will make it easier for you, but always do both when you first apply the hair conditioner and leave it on for at least 5 minutes.

Keep Your Hands Away from Your Hair during the Day

To preserve curls and their texture for longer, you should refrain from touching them constantly. Running your fingers through your hair while it’s drying prevents forming natural curls. This can create an unpleasant scattered hair strands effect. It also stimulates the scalp to produce more natural oils, making the hair roots oily fast.

According to professional stylists and hairdressers, the styling of curls depends on what type of hair you have. A styling product should get applied to the healthy curly wet hair, and then the hair should be left alone. Fragile hair strands need more volume, so after applying the product, you should knead it with your hands while it is still wet. After that, touch it again until it is almost dry. 

If your hair loses volume while drying, use this trick: divide the hair into two parts, top and bottom. Secure the top portion of the hair with hairpins, but not too tight, and let it dry. With this little trick, you will achieve more volume at the roots. 

Find the Right Products for Your Hair Type

From shampoos to masks and conditioners, curly hair products must contain natural oils to hydrate the hair. Because it is naturally drier, each product should have a moisturizing formula. This is not just for the conditioner or the serum. Look for natural hair products that contain coconut oil and other natural oils like argan oil and mango seed butter, as Dianella’s products, and include these same oils in homemade masks. 

Avoid Silicone in Haircare at All Costs

Shampoos, conditioners, non-washable creams, serums, etc., can often contain silicones, promising to shine and “tame” unruly curls on the packaging. However, these positive qualities come at a price. Silicones cover the top layer of hair, creating the illusion of shiny, healthy hair, but act as a barrier to hydration and do not allow the process to take place inside the hair. This could damage the health and hairstyle of your hair in the long run if you frequently resort to these products.

Allow the Hair to Dry on Its Own (But If in a Hurry, Use a Diffuser)

Girls with naturally curly hair know that they can get the best curls if they don’t use a hairdryer. But when you’re late or if you wash your hair in the morning before work, you don’t have the luxury of waiting that long. The diffuser helps as it changes the effect of drying too fast. Standard hair dryers (without a diffuser) can damage the hair, creating a strong, hot jet of air, tangling and drying the hair. However, the diffuser directs the air exactly where it needs to, focusing on shaping the curls and creating volume at the root.

Do Not Ruin Your Curls While Sleeping

Every woman with curly hair has experienced this: Going to bed with a perfect haircut, waking up the next day with a “small disaster” on her head. Cotton pillows are aggressive towards your curls, so every time you turn in bed, they electrify the hair, rub in it and cause tangling. But even this could be avoided with the help of pillow covers made of satin or silk. They will keep your curls intact, and the next day you will wake up exactly as you were the day before – with the perfect curly hairstyle. 

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