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How to reach from Havelock Island To Port Blair – Best Way Explained


On your next lengthy trip, explore the most blissful portrayal of nature’s beauty by exploring the stretch between Port Blair to Havelock. All tourists in India agree that the beauty of Andaman is unrivalled. Beautiful islands amid endless miles of Blue Ocean embellished with extremely picturesque beaches of smooth, white sand.

How soothing it seems but mark my words it is just the words expressing heaven. The reality is far more applauded there. Andaman is well-known for its gorgeous beaches, some of which are regarded as the most beautiful in Asia. Everyone who visits Port Blair and Havelock fall in love with these sceneries. Furthermore, adventure seekers will find a plethora of activities to attempt here.

Now once you are done with the adventures and the tours of Andaman then comes the high time to visit Havelock Island. Now the question arises how to reach Havelock Island from Port Blair? There are various means of transport between the two islands both by air and waterways. One can choose the most preferable means, in accordance to his budget and comfort.

  • Havelock’s location and distance 

Havelock Island (Officially Named: Swaraj Dweep), the most famous tourist destination, is located around 70 kilometres north of the regional capital, Port Blair. Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island) features white sand beaches, clear blue oceans, and some of the greatest dives in the world.

  • Ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island 

Havelock and Port Blair are lovely tropical island communities separated by an ocean and without roads. As a result, ferry services are the sole option to go between Port Blair to Havelock. Ferry booking in the Andamans are quick, pleasant, and affordable. The distance between the islands is 70 kilometres, and the ride to the jetty takes around 2.5 hours. The jetty services are accessible daily.

There are two different types of ferry services in Andaman:

  1. a) Ferry operated by the government
  2. b) Ferry operated by the Private companies or individuals
  • Government or Private ferry: Which one to choose

Phoenix Bay Jetty is the name of the government-operated ferry that will carry you from Port Blair to Havelock. This is the cheapest and oldest way for getting around Andaman. Tickets for government ferries may only be purchased at the booth two or three days before the trip.

If you want a flawless and stress-free vacation, we recommend that you avoid using government ferries. Government ferries are primarily intended for local transportation. The ticket is typically used by residents to travel from one island to another and is not recommended for visitors.

Private ferries from Port Blair to Havelock are a little more expensive, but they are well worth it. They operate on schedule, are clean, and well-organized, and have ferry workers on hand to serve you at all times. Online booking further simplifies things for tourists so you should choose private over government ferries to avoid standing in long queues for the ticket. To avoid ruining your good experiences.

Some of the prominent private ferries that sail between Port Blair and Havelock are listed below:

  • Green Ocean Ferry
  • Makruzz Ferry
  • Sealink Ferry
  • Aashi Ferry
  • ITT Majestic Ferry
  • Cruise from Port Blair to Havelock

To maximize your enjoyment of your voyage from Port Blair to Havelock, you might choose a cruise experience. This alternative is somewhat more expensive than the ferry voyage, but it is well worth the investment. Private cruises travel between Port Blair and Havelock, providing a relaxing ride on state-of-the-art boats.

The seating arrangements on these cruises are categorized into numerous categories according to the extent of comforts provided. There are numerous fantastic alternatives available, ranging from air-conditioned cruises to boats with spacious decks.

Popular alternatives include Makruzz, Green Ocean, Bella bay, and Coastal Cruise, with pocket-friendly per-seat rates. These are the preferred option for a great cruise vacation with outstanding facilities.

The ferry between Port Blair to Havelock and Havelock to Port Blair has a greater frequency of these trips on a daily basis. During peak season, cruise ships may quadruple their sail in the islands. One thing to keep in mind is that some of these cruises may not run in June, July, or August, and their frequency may be reduced.

Most cruises depart from Port Blair to Havelock from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., with the return voyage departing at 2:00 p.m. from Port Blair to Havelock. The 2:00 PM one is inconsistent and only runs during tourist season, which is November, December, and January.

  • Airways are not a good option presently

It is difficult to obtain helicopter passes from Port Blair to Havelock Island. The helicopter is mostly designated for authorities on official business or for persons in need of immediate medical assistance. Furthermore, booking begins on the day of departure. Only on the day of flying can it be determined whether or not the helicopter will fly.

We advise against reserving a helicopter at the last moment. Please see the most recent Andaman chopper schedule to have a better idea if you decided to go for it.

  • Some tips to keep in mind while booking for ferries or cruise 

  • Always buy cruise or ferry tickets before making hotel reservations to avoid after consequences as many hotels have strict refund policies in case you change your mind.
  • Do not delay ferry reservations until the last minute because in the peak seasons it is generally pre-occupied.
  • Try to reach the dockyard one hour before the schedule to avoid the last-minute rush.
  • Keep in mind the sequence of travel between the islands before reserving the hotels and ferries.
  • When to visit and what you can expect

The tourist season lasts from November to mid-May, with the peak season occurring between December and March. The monsoon season lasts from June through September. Because it is a tropical island, anticipate light rainfall even during different seasons. Because of the low tides and increased visibility, February and March are considered the finest months for water activities.

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