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How to Make Your Outdoor Space Look More Spacious

A beautiful garden sometimes seems difficult to maintain, especially without a deer fence and thankfully deer fence installation is not hard,  in a small space, but you do not have to sacrifice style and beauty.

If your yard or garden is small, it can become a great relaxing space and provide an escape from the stress of the urban areas. It’s all about a good design and how you utilize it. It is best to hire professional landscape contractors like Showcase Renovations to help you use up your space and create a landscape design that would suit your backyard specifications. 

One of the best ways to create the illusion of space is to create shapes. Geometric shapes, marking borders, creating different small spaces for various purposes. The central aisle can be made longer or more square; it can add a feeling of modernity and minimalism. The combination of lines, angles, and simple shapes create a clean, tidy look.

Use concrete to create shaped gardens made of pebbles and stones. Create different textures with raised patios that will keep the feeling of space.

How Do You Utilize Your Entire Backyard 

Small spaces and city life go hand in hand. Even the friendliest neighbors want privacy sometimes. Everyone needs a quiet place to rest and recharge, and there is no better place than the garden. Instead of building taller fences, bamboo can become a great fence, or you can make a wall planter – decorated with bouquets in containers. A hedge is a great way to provide shade in a small space.

Create an Open space 

Turn a small yard into an open space. А place that is small but clean and spacious can turn out to be the ideal romantic spot for dinner and relaxation at any time of the day or night. Creating an atmosphere where you feel cozy and homely, you can complement it with a candle or lanterns. They can be used anywhere. Professional landscape contractors can create a wonderful open space area for your backyard to make it look much more spacious than you could imagine. It is all about the design. 

Even though an open space is ideal for creating the illusion of spaciousness, you still need to add some privacy. You can use plants to create that privacy or use minimalist wooden walls and fences to surround the place you want to isolate from your surroundings and neighbors. You can see this link for more privacy fencing design ideas and inspirations. Make sure that it doesn’t look unnatural and too big compared to the rest of the yard. With some creativity, you can optimally utilize the space. 

Modest Amount of Plants 

Often in our desire to have many beautiful flowers, we end up overwhelmed with plants that we cannot sustain. The result is an overly pretentious yard that does not look good. It is advisable to choose what and how many plants to grow. Our goal is for them to be able to develop normally and, at the same time, for the finished picture of our reptile to be pleasant and balanced.

You can have a spacious yard with grass. Add small flower beds in the corners and build a round shape planter. It is convenient for taking care of the plants because you can reach any flower. At the base of each round planter, you can plant low green or flowering plants that form a beautiful frame. In the middle, you can also plant trees and bushes. Arrange them well so that they can complete the overall Landschaft design. Landscape contractors can help you plant the right plants, arranging your garden so that the plants don’t take up too much space. isaimini

Add a Water Feature

Having a water feature in your garden gives it a complete look and shows that you have utilized your small area well enough to add it. Water is necessary for every outdoor design because it makes us feel peace and tranquility, and it also suits as an attraction. In ancient times, water wells were placed in the towns’ centers and were used as places for gathering. Today, we see fountains and lakes in the centers of big cities and towns. Most big cosmopolitan cities have been established on the coastlines or are close to the coasts. That’s because we are naturally attracted to water, so it is best to complete your outdoor design with a water feature – it can be a small pool, a small lake, or even a fountain. Whichever you decide, you can’t go wrong with a water feature in your backyard. 

To Sum It All Up… 

For making your space look more spacious, it is best to use professional services. You can hire professional landscape contractors like Showcase Renovations to find the optimal solution for your small backyard. Keep in mind: If you have a small backyard, it is best to use a modest amount of plants. Keep your area clean, neat, and open space as much as possible to create the illusion of spaciousness. Don’t forget to add a water feature for a better, complete look. 

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