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How to make a fashion statement at the gym

Do you want to look your best while working out without breaking your bank? Are you looking for tips to find your confidence at the gym while following a few easy steps? You are in the right place. Finding the right gym wear can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for, especially if you hope to find something equally stylish and comfortable.

This guide will provide a list of essential sportswear items you need in your wardrobe by taking you on a journey through fabrics, cuts and comfort. By the end of this article, you will be able to make informed yet fashionable purchases to create the gym fit of your dreams.

The essential gym fashion item: comfy leggings.

Close your eyes and envision the quintessential gym girl. Whether running on a treadmill, practising yoga or lifting weights, she is always wearing leggings. But not all leggings are created equally. For the best gym experience, you will need leggings made with technical fabric. This small detail will ensure the best fit, with no annoying bagginess, chafing or sweat during your session. Every outfit needs a statement piece, and if you intend to make these leggings yours, you’ll need to buy ones with geometric designs and modern prints. If you like having your phone with you at all times, we suggest Lilybod leggings with pockets.

Look stylish, effortlessly: matching sets.

Adding a matching top to your leggings will make you look like a pro in no time. You can choose between many styles, such as crop tops, tank tops or supportive sports bras. In and outside the gym, wearing coordinated clothing will make you look put together with minimal effort. Matching colours also allows you to be as conservative or eccentric as you like. A black set will make you appear sophisticated, while a colourful one will make you look more fun and approachable. Either way, we are sure this simple trick will put you at the centre of attention.

The running champ: trainers.

We can’t write this article without spending a few lines on shoes. The soles of our feet are directly connected with the well-being of our entire body and shouldn’t be neglected. Which type of shoes you should buy comes down to what gym exercises you do the most. If you lift weights, flat shoes are the best bet. But if you like running, you should opt for cushioned ones. If you mostly attend gym classes, any type of trainer will work. Style-wise, there are two options: keep it conservative with simple colours such as black or white, or make them your statement pieces with bold colours and patterns. If you have opted for a subtle black matching set, why not dare with colourful shoes? This accent colour can match that of your accessories, which will then create a more refined, coordinated look.

Last touches: accessories.

No outfit is complete without accessories. And, as the key to sportswear is to be comfortable and valuable, we think the accessories shouldn’t be any less. From a reusable water bottle to the now super trendy headphones, you can play with colour and pattern on anything you need to bring to the gym. Maybe you like bringing your own towel, so why not match it to the colour of your clothes?

No matter what you wear, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin, so here are three quick tips to ensure you feel your best:

– Although sweating is a natural occurrence that shouldn’t embarrass you, we know how you feel. Wearing technical fabric will hide your sweat spots.

– Flatter your figure with the right clothes. If you have a short torso, you can use crop tops or sports bras to create a clear divide with your waist, and if you don’t like your wide hips, wearing high-waisted leggings will make them appear smaller.

– If you have a beautifully soft tummy but feel insecure about it, the best bet is to tie a sweater around your waist. Look, an extra accessory!

In conclusion, clothing can be an excellent aid for making your time at the gym as comfortable as possible. If you follow these steps, you will find your confidence growing in no time, without breaking the bank.

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