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How to Be an Effective Sneakerhead With Little Capital


Sneakerheads flipping premium sneakers are cashing so much revenue. The sneaker resale market is worth over $2 billion and will hit $30 billion by 2030. 

The booming trade has made Stock X, a sneaker reselling market site, value increase to over $3.8 billion. In fact, the traction in the business has made sneakers an emerging asset class. So, if you wish to get on it, there has never been a better time than now. 

Some sneakers have high price tags, given their exclusiveness. So, it is easy to conclude that you need a large capital size to be a sneakerhead. But that’s not true at all. 

There are other ways of effectively being a sneakerhead without a lot of cash. However, you must have a lot of time to compensate for the money. 

With time at hand, you can leverage the internet, create a network and curve your path. It is worth noting that, like any collector, a sneakerhead needs time and dedication. This article will discuss some strategies to get your feet in the game. 

Here are ways of being an effective sneakerhead with little capital. 

1.Get Crazy Online Deals With the Right Tools

Some stores like Bodega, Reed Space, etc., always offer crazy sales. It is a perfect way of owning limited edition sneakers with crazy discounts. Hence, you may get your fav J’s for pennies on the dollar. 

However, you can also grab the new releases too. Remember, the resale price of new releases can go above $100 of the original retail price. In short, buying new releases may be relatively cheaper than the resale price tag. Plus, some new releases also have discounts shared across social media. 

Brands’ supply websites like Adidas Yeezy always restrict the number of pairs a single customer can buy. But, resellers always cheat the system using bots and software tools to grab new releases in bulk. GaneshBot and Kodai are common tools. 

The bots are always activated before ordinary customers know new releases are on sale. But, these tools can be ineffective and blocked if they do not hide their true identity. Sneaker proxies assure the effectiveness of these tools in gaming the supply sites. They hide the bots’ IP addresses to avoid order volume restrictions. 

Discounts on new sneaker releases can be 10%-40% on specific order value. Yet, they would resell at 10%-30% profit, thus costing more than the retail price. So, you can get new releases at relatively lower prices at brand suppliers than resellers. 

2. Be an Influencer

Influencer marketing is growing fast, especially after the pandemic. According to Statista, influencer marketing was worth more than $13 billion. Its popularity and positive ROI mean that it will continue to grow. 

Partnering with sneaker players as an influencer has its perks and rewards. You can get free shoes alongside having access to some of the significant players and figures in the businesses. 

Influencing may be simple but not easy. You need dedication and solid networking. Blogging is one way of getting into influencer marketing. You can curate a creative blog with a new perspective on sneakers than what’s currently available. Also, initially creative short videos on social media can work their magic appeal. 

Some of the influencers may not be earning much to buy the shoes. But, their valuable exposure gets them free sneakers from brands before the official release. 

Some influencers work behind the scenes. They advise brands and retailers on consumer sentiments and get free sneakers. 

3. Seek Better Bargains in Thrift Stores and Outlets

Another less costly way of getting sneakers is through bargains in thrift stores. Thrift stores sometimes stock products that people dispose of prematurely. And the same applies to sneakers too. 

For example, the Hash Wall that showcases at Nike Outlets is known for sneaker samples with 20% discounts. 

Another perfect sneaker hunting ground should be the outlets around brands’ factory sites—for example, thrifts in Portland, Oregon, or Maine. 

4. Network With Like-Minded People

As a hobbyist and collector, information and collaboration can increase the efficiency of your endeavor. Hence, you should reach out to other sneakerheads and retail employees to create a network. 

Collaborating with others in the same line of interest can give you valuable intel. Some might inform you when they come across something within your price range. Get out and interact with key people of interest. It will benefit you in the long run. 

5. Leverage Social Media

As mentioned earlier, brands can share discount codes on social media. Other people and stores can also sell through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Instagram had more than 200 million business accounts and a shoppable feed. 

Hence, you may check out sneakers prices in some of these stores and select what’s within your price range.  Besides, it is more convenient than walking to local malls. You may get reasonably priced pairs in your social media feed. 

6. Check Out Online Market Sites

Besides brands’ supplier websites, you can also check other online marketplaces for the best deals. You can start with Craigslist and eBay, then narrow down to others recommended by your circle. 

But be wary of fakes. The US government states that eCommerce has made the counterfeit sector grow into a half a trillion-dollar empire. Conduct due diligence to avoid counterfeits and fraud. 

7. Work at Sneaker Stores

Another long shot but sure way of getting cheap or free sneakers is by working for sneaker shores. The privilege may be extended to your immediate family members by some brands like Nike. 

So, working in one of the brand stores may get free or crazy discounts on sneakers. The pay may not guarantee enough cash to buy one. But, being a brand employee has its perks and relatively cheap access to being a sneaker owner. 

Take Away 

The sneakerhead is a strong culture and lucrative business. With its worth increasing annually, the urge to get started may be compelling. You can set your foot in it even with little capital, so you should hold back any longer. 

We hope these effective ways will inspire you to make the leap of faith and join the culture. And eventually, make money out of it. 

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