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How Physical Activity Can Help Improve Health of An Individual and Community at Large?

Somewhere along the technological advancements, we’ve become less prone to physical activities. Such inactivity added with junk food, especially in your children, can lead to unhealthy lifestyle resulting in physical and mental imbalances. Allowing kids to have the required time in the sunlight as well as playing with someone of the same age can be helpful in an overall development of your child.

The aim of any playground equipment manufacturer in Australia is to design, engineer and manufacture commercial grade playground equipment for toddlers and teens. Many deliver top-quality products built with the latest technological processes.

With the world still acclimatising with leading their lives alongside Corona Virus, the risk to let your children play out in the open is higher than ever. Not only that, but there’s also the possibility of your child getting sunburned due to over exposure to the sun. However, keeping them locked-up at home would make them anti-social and dull.

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Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of physical activities on-

1. Physical Health

  • Helps to prevent or improves chronic ailments
  • Heart diseases- Strengthens heart muscles, lowering progression heart diseases
  • Arthritis- Relieves pain
  • Dementia- Helps insulin lower blood sugar level effectively
  • Diabetes- Lowers blood sugar level
  • Back pain- Strengthens back, alleviates comfort
  • Asthma- Reduce frequency of attacks

2. Mental Health

  • Helps improve your cognitive functioning
  • Balance- Vital for older age group, reduces the possibility of falls and injuries
  • Stress- Reduction of stress calms brain, also eases feeling of anxiety
  • Sleep- Promotes better sleep, boosting your mood, health and energy
  • Memory- Increased heart rate pumps more blood and oxygen to brain

3. Social Skills

  • Meeting new people and developing friendship
  • Better communication skills
  • Increased co-operation and sharing
  • Being aware of others around them and their needs

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, there are also some areas of concern when going out for exercise. Such challenges are listed below:

  1. Risk of getting infected due to use of equipment in public areas
  2. Falls and injuries are quite common when children are playing outdoors. Mere supervision can reduce such risk
  3. Longer exposure to the harmful sunrays can have harmful effects in the long run. Hence, you should prefer going out during non-peak hours or else some place with lots of shade
  4. Dressing up properly and taking precautions such as use of mask, sanitizer, sunscreen, maintaining social distance while eating and drinking, etc. can go a long way.

Even the government can play a significant role in promoting physical movement of their citizens. This can be done through activity friendly walking routes, PE initiatives at schools, maintaining community gardens with occasional health challenges like yoga classes, walk-a-thon, cycling tours, dance workshops among other games. Of course, eating healthy will go hand-in-hand with the physical activities for remaining in good shape. A little step in this direction can do wonders for our better and healthier future.

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