How Do You Set the Mood?

Our homes are our sanctuary. We spend so much time here, that setting the mood and creating an ambient home, perfectly lit to complement our décor is key to enjoying our home to the fullest. It’s important we can relax and unwind when we close the door to the outside world, and here is how you can light your home to help you do this.

Lighting is an important factor in improving our mood, and creating a cosy, warm environment that we are attracted to. If our lighting isn’t sufficient then your space won’t feel homely, and our space will feel small and dark.

Always plan your lighting. Making a lighting plan gives you the ability to illuminate the key features of each room, planning the vibe you want ahead of redecorating keeps you on track to achieve the look and feel you desire. For a living room you should keep things calm, low lit, and comfortable. A kitchen / entertainment space would benefit from a variety of lighting options to suit different scenarios. Lighting placed above any dining areas and kitchen islands will brighten up the space you are entertaining in, but also give the room a feature, tying your décor in perfectly. Every kitchen and dining room space benefits from statement lighting.

The magic truly begins when you use your lighting as part of your interior design. If you can create a look that looks just as beautiful with the lights off as it does on, you’ve nailed your lighting to a T. Less really is more here, you don’t have to overdo your lighting plan to create a beautiful look.

By ensuring your colour scheme, materials, and themes are coherent throughout your whole home, your lighting will add the ultimate finesse. By keeping the style consistent you are not confusing the look of your home and creating an uneasy vibe. Light, airy colour schemes will brighten your home and create a calming atmosphere, and your lighting will complement this perfectly if selected and placed carefully.

Enhancing your natural light is also key. If your home feels dark, get rid of the curtains and introduce some sheer voiles, this way you can maintain some privacy but allow light to fill the room as much as possible. It’s time to strategically place your mirrors to enhance your natural light, placing decorative mirrors opposite your windows encourages the light to bounce across the room, creating a brighter room overall.

Lighting ideas:

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