LifestyleHow Boutiques Are Different Than Regular Retail Stores?

How Boutiques Are Different Than Regular Retail Stores?


Shopping is the favorite part of everyone’s life. It doesn’t matter whether it is for a hat or clothes or other accessories. Mostly, everyone has a couple of favorite stores, which they repeatedly visit. However, did you ever wonder how a boutique differs from the normal or large departmental stores?

Boutique history

A boutique is a French word meaning ‘Store’ but is different than the normal stores in multiple ways. They have several characteristics, which makes them distinct. Boutiques sprung across New York, Paris, and London in the 1960s. They were popular establishments for buying designed clothes and other accessories.

Boutiques were popular among the young generation as they hung around to see the latest fashion. They were regarded as a store between departmental stores and haute couture. Soon, they created a prominent space within the fashion landscape, where they exist till the day.

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A retail store is an umbrella word for a franchise-owned, stand-alone shop, and a chain. In general, it means businesses that sell stuff.

Boutique vs. retail chain store

Facility size

Size is the first characteristic that separates a boutique from a retail store. A boutique is a small store that stands independently in the marketplace or is enclosed in strip plazas or malls. Alternatively, retail stores are operated by large companies, so they have access to large establishments. Retail stores environment seems more cool and impersonal, while boutiques have a charming and appealing ambiance.

Inventory options

Another characteristic of a boutique is the variety of goods sold. These are specialty stores selling limited product types. For example, a specialty hat or purse shop will sell only a single kind of product. Nevertheless, boutiques offer a deep assortment of a single product that large chain stores cannot offer.

Large retailers have a huge space and offer an extensive range of categories including clothes, footwear, hats, perfumes, makeup, watches, etc. Boutiques run in small areas, so they have to be extremely selective about their inventory.

Rates & prices

The pricing difference between boutiques and retail stores directly relates to the inventory and quality. Boutiques buy products in limited quantities, while large chain stores mass manufacture their own lines. Even if they don’t mass-manufacture they buy at wholesalers in vast quantities. Therefore they get items at low prices and are a good place to shop for coupon-cutters and bargain-hunters.

Boutiques are pricey as they sell locally-produced high-end products or small batches of items from unique vendors. Even though the choice of goods accompanies restrictions, you will discover thoughtfully catered selections, which serve a unique fashion style.

Latest trend

Boutiques quickly adopt the latest fashion and style because their inventory is extremely less than the large chain stores.

Personal touch

Boutique owners are passionate about the products they sell. They take a lot of effort in building their small store and are aware of offering their best service to customers. Managers manage the large retail stores and are paid to keep the business running smoothly. If customers or opportunities are lost they hardly suffer. On the other hand, a boutique owner’s income depends on their relationship with customers.

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