Highly recommended Activewear Brands for Women

Staying healthy and maintaining your fitness is a must do for each and every one of us, but to do this, you require a proper set of workout clothes for women, which has become a necessity for a productive and tension-free gymming routine. This is where athleisure companies come into the picture, by providing specially manufactured apparel for women’s gym wear. From tops designed to forge and support your body’s form, to cycling shorts that allow unhindered movement, activewear for women has now become the go-to outfit for not only strenuous activities, but also serves as everyday loungewear. Keeping this in view, companies have started producing gym wear that is both suited for casual and exhaustive tasks.

Due to the sudden boom of women’s gym clothes in the market, it has become a great struggle to find the brand whose products provide the right fit, whilst aiding you in your exercises, and also making you confident about your own physique. Experiencing this hassle firsthand, the list below has been carefully thought up to aid you in your search for women’s workout clothes, by recommending the brands that offer the best in this field at affordable prices.


SQUATWOLF has become one of the leading brands in the industry of workout clothes for women. Their line of women’s gym wear includes leggings, tops, shorts, hoodies and other accessories, all made of top-grade material and guaranteed to cater to all your athletic and recreational needs. The main product that gets SQUATWOLF on top of this list is its wide variety of sports bras, designed to be shock absorbent and fitting in all the right places. Their sports bras also provide adequate support with respect to the type of exercise you are performing, i.e. for low, medium and high impact activities. If you buy this products you will get up to 50% off 

Moreover, the gym wear of this brand, for both men and women, are of top-quality, made using light fabric and advanced technology, so as to offer a plethora of uses, consisting of not only intense training, but also utility in daily normality. Thus making the apparel of SQUATWOLF an all-rounder in terms of usage and resourcefulness.


Sweaty Betty, a brand that promotes women empowerment, diversity and eco-awareness, has made it big in the craft of workout clothes for women through their vast range of products being both comfortable and environmentally sustaining. The cotton used in majority of their women’s athleisure wear and activewear, is completely organic. They believe in recycling, and have lived up-to this conviction by having kept 10,000+ pairs of leggings away from landfills, and reprocessing them accordingly. So, if you want to hit the gym feeling positive in your own skin, whilst also reducing your carbon foot-print, then this brand is most likely your best bet.


Outdoor Voices specializes in gym wear for women that is chic looking, durable and recyclable. Both their fabrics and packaging are manufactured using reusable material, lessening their environmental impact. The eye-catching product of this brand is their ‘OV Kits’ which are basically gym apparel kits that can be customized by you, the consumers. These kits are produced using shape-sculpting material, and designed for different sorts of exhaustive as well as low-impact exercises. They consist of different combinations of workout clothes for women categorized as Warmup Kit, Move Free Kit, Zoom Kit, and many more. Outdoor Voices also hosts a multitude of events that consist of both outdoor exercises and indoor workout sessions, in order to put your kits to good use.


This brand gets its place in the list due to its line of workout clothes for women which offer an impeccable balance between synchronized thoughtful design and an exceptional symmetrical fitting. Their aim is to continuously transform the body and mind, i.e. both on a physical and intellectual level, through the provision of women’s gym clothes that aid you in keeping a proper posture, whilst making you look and feel stunning. Their distinct philosophy of women empowerment is that, threads alone are fragile, but as they begin to unify, they are able to form an impenetrable weave.


VIE ACTIVE’s workout clothes for women focus on high-functionality and gracefulness. They enable women worldwide to feel good and proud of their bodies during and after any exercise. Their products ooze with versatility and comfort, especially their line of sports bras and leggings. Gym clothes for women of this brand give a seamless fit while holding their shape, making you feel as if you are wearing close to nothing. This results in a highly beneficial and stress-free workout experience.


It’s a guarantee that this list will solve all your activewear wardrobe issues, enabling you to take your workout sessions to the next level. SQUATWOLF’s range of workout clothes for women leads the list for its ability to unfetter, strengthen and support women in every sort of environment, achieving the highest results at the least amount of hassle and cost.

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