Facts You should Know While Getting Your Hair Coloured for the First Time

In earlier times, people used to colour their hair with natural colours like henna and vegetable essence. Today, you have multiple professional products in various shades that enhance the beauty of your hair. Thus, it is always exciting for a person to colour their tresses.

According to expert hair stylist there are certain facts that every person preferring to colour their curls should be aware of before they finally decide to do hair colouring. There are highly recommended hair salons in and near Patterson Lakes like the Zoka Hair salon. They provide all insight information on hair grooming that helps their client to take the right decision while planning to style or colour their lovely tresses.

The most prominent facts that you need to consider are –

  • The perfect colour shade that boosts up your hair and face beauty.
  • As there are many kinds of colour shades, naturally you will get confused and choose the wrong one. The experienced hairstylists always advise applying dark colours for first timers. The dark colour is like adding colour to your black or grey hair however lighter shades of it means you are bleaching your hair. Moreover, avoiding brighter colours is always best for your natural hair as they are composed mostly of chemicals.
  • Best to use safe colour products that has natural ingredients.
    • To maintain healthy hair, products having natural or herbal extract in their composition are best even though they are expensive.
  • Having hair treatment is quite beneficial for your newly coloured tresses.
    • It prevents hair damage and it won’t turn brittle. Your hair regains the lost nourishment that keeps it strong. The usage of hair masks helps to retain the shade of colour for a longer time. Moreover, there won’t be any dryness of your hair locks thus can prevent hair loss.
  • It is advisable not to wash your hair before the appointment in salon.
    • It is because if any elements of shampoo or conditioner remain on the hair after wash, then it can react with the colour products and damage your hair. Sometimes, it even inflames your scalp.
  • Avoid using conditioner after colouring the hair for a fortnight.
    • The conditioners and serum usually fade away the colour recently applied on hair. The coloured hair won’t look fresh and shiny.
  • After colouring your hair locks best to use colour protective hair care products.
    • They have the essential fatty acids, ammonia-free and lower sulphate proportions that help to maintain the hair colour look bright and fresh. They may be costlier than your regular hair care products however valuable to increase the longevity of colour on your mane.

It is best to start with lighter shade shiny colours as highlighters. They will retain the original look of your tresses thus you will get an idea of whether colouring of hair suits your face beauty or not. It is always advantageous to follow the suggestions of an expert hairstylist or colourist.

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