Evil Eye Jewelry: a Curiosity of Powerful Talisman?

The evil eye symbol gained immense popularity in the late 1990s when Greek jeweler Ileana Makri presented her jewelry at Barney’s New York. The star of her collection was jewelry featuring an eye, or rather an evil eye. Back then, such a symbol became a curiosity for American fashionistas, although its roots stretch back to the dawn of civilization. Once you visit any country of the Eastern Mediterranean or the Middle East, you will see an evil eye amulet at every turn. So why are people drawn to such an unusual symbol? Is it a desire to stand out or does this symbol offer more than an original look? Let’s figure it out.

What Is An Evil Eye?

An Evil Eye is a malevolent glare capable of depriving the person at whom it is directed of good luck and causing trouble. The power of an evil eye lies in envy, hatred, disgust, bad intentions, and everything that we describe as being a bad person. You probably wonder why people wear evil eye amulets if they are associated with something bad. In this case, it is like fighting fire with fire. Such a talisman is able to divert, absorb, and neutralize the negative effects of a malevolent glare. In other words, it is a protective tool for those who want to ward off trouble.

The history of the evil eye can be traced back to the 6th century BC. It is first mentioned in the works of Plato, Plutarch, and Hesiod, who tried to describe its nature and powers. Historians believe that the first evil eyes were drawn on goblets, amphorae, and other drinking vessels so that a malevolent gaze fails to poison the water, and with it the soul of an addressee. Later, people began to craft all kinds of amulets from stones, beads, and gems. Green and blue became the dominant colors of such amulets because they allegedly had the function of spiritual protection. Evil eye amulets were hung over the door and painted on the walls to stop evil from coming into a dwelling. Along with that, people wore them as body ornaments.

Evil Eye Talisman Today

Today, Evil Eye jewelry is popular not only because someone believes in its mystical properties, but also because these necklaces and bracelets are really beautiful. Many individuals choose them purely for aesthetic reasons. And of course, superstitious people use evil eye pendants as a talisman. In the east, it is customary to attach a tiny evil eye pin to the clothing of a newborn baby to protect it from adversity. By the way, despite the fact that evil eye symbols are common in Eastern countries, they have nothing to do with religion. On the contrary, they contradict religion. Thus, you can wear an evil eye talisman regardless of your religious beliefs or lack thereof.

The evil eye has many representations and designs. However, the central element of each of them is the eye. Perhaps the most common style is Turkish Nazar boncuğu. The talisman has two main features. The first one is the blue color. Since ancient times, blue has been symbolizing protection. The second feature is the secret components. For a long time, it was believed that the metals and minerals used for talisman manufacture enhance its protective properties. Today, we know that Nazar talismans are made of molten glass, copper, iron, and salt.

Nazar boncuğu has a look of a blue medal. It has a white circle in the middle with a smaller light blue circle within and a blue point at its heart. Such a talisman can be worn as a pendant, earrings, rings, pins, and bracelets. Many people prefer to have a large amulet to make sure that ill-wishers understand that their evil gaze won’t succeed. Others prefer that their defense mechanism remains invisible. If you belong to the first camp, choose large jewelry such as pendants. If you want to keep your amulet secret, small evil eye earrings will be more than a match.

How Evil Eye Talisman Work

It is believed that an evil eye amulet spreads its protective properties in three directions. First, it protects its owner from people who may cause unintentional harm. They don’t wish you ill but their careless and impulsive behavior or speech may hurt you. For this reason, some people wear their talisman even when they are among friends.

The second level is protection against people who want to intentionally harm you. These are envious individuals who wish to hinder your success or take something valuable from you. They can also harm you physically. The mystical evil eye prevents them from fulfilling their plans.

The third level of protection concerns the forces and phenomena of an eerie and sinister nature. These are threats from evil supernatural forces. The blue amulet creates an invisible protective wall around the wearer that stops all attempts of evil spirits to breakthrough.

It is your right to believe or not to believe in the alleged protective properties of evil eye jewelry. However, if you wear an elegant and intricate amulet, you are guaranteed to draw the looks of admiration.

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