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Carrera Sunglasses: Which One To Pick?


Carrera sunglasses originated back in 1956. It’s a luxury sports eyewear brand that has today come to be associated as one of the leaders of technical optical expertise, ultimate craftsmanship, combined with a classy palette of classy colors and premium materials. Carrera was founded in Austria by Wilhelm Anger, who was inspired by Carrera Panamerica- which was a mega-sports car racing event. It was initially meant for racers that eventually got attention from the elite class. That is actually when the brand increased its scale of producing these high-end products.

Carrera is mostly well known for its pilot frame shape. The brand is well known for using lightweight premium plastic. The founder, Anger had a background in plastics- he developed and patented a material known as Optyl®, which is still used across the eyewear industry, in the most well-known eyewear brands. What makes this material so special is that it’s 20% lighter than traditional plastic used in most eyewear frames. Specs that are made with this material have a spectacular ability to be adapted to any shape. This is what positioned Carrera as a breakthrough brand.

Their innovation in premium materials is what has propelled Carrera, placing it as an important brand in the sports world. The brand was very popular in the 70s for its collaboration with Porsche and other sportswear launches. They developed a collection of ski goggles that are still sought after today. Thanks to their lightweight nature, these goggles are loved by Olympic athletes and ski lovers alike! They set themselves apart from countless other makers with their technologically advanced yet super stylish designs with modern elements.

Talking about their pilot eyeglasses, these are what have iconized the brand. The Carrera pilots give off retro-chic vives and the finishing on the frames screams Carrera! They’re hyped and for all the right reasons. You know it’s a Carrera when you see it- whether it’s on someone you know or a celebrity on a magazine cover!

Pilot frames were initially designed for pilots, the unique shape blocks glare at high altitudes, thereby making flying more comfortable for pilots. The shape continues to trend in most style books as it’s so flattering and thus looks good on most faces. Carrera, of course, put its own take on this style and added the signature red-black branding, plus their trademark lens gradient. All these famous Carrera styles, and even more edgy styles can be found at SmartBuyGlasses, which is home to more than 180 brands and more than 80,000 styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses. SmartBuyGlasses is out to change the way we shop for eyewear. They offer a host of game-changing digital tools like virtual try-on, a prescription lens scanner and have in-house opticians who are on-call to help customers with any eye health or prescription questions. The virtual try-on just requires taking a quick selfie video, after which the augmented-reality-powered tool determines your face shape and allows you to try on thousands of frames for free. The prescription lens scanner is an FDA-approved application that can be downloaded on the Apple app store and play store. Just with 4 everyday objects, you can get the prescription from a current pair of glasses extracted into your SmartBuyGlasses account for free. Moreover, they offer the best price online and always have great offers on popular picks.

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