Can Eternity Rings Be Used As Wedding Ring?

The answer is definitely yes, before moving forward on it, Knowing about Eternity Rings will definitely help you when you decide to buy your eternity rings. Eternity represents the “Timelessness” with no beginning or end. Circle is the best example of it as it has no beginning or end. “Love is fated to last an Eternity” taking that thought the rings created and named Eternity Rings.

Eternity band and wedding rings are often confused to being the same item so you are how to choose eternity rings. However, there are differences between the two ring styles ranging from design and crafting to purpose. Let’s know more about wedding and eternity rings!!

Wedding Rings

Traditionally, wedding rings, used in the wedding ceremony are symbolic an unbroken circle of love. During the ceremony, wedding ring is placed on the ring finger of the bride by the husband and vice versa. For brides, the wedding ring typically matches the engagement ring. For matched sets, the wedding band will directly match the engagement ring.

Eternity Rings

When talking about eternity rings it is important to understand that it is a style of the ring. An eternity ring has diamonds studded around the circular band. Although many eternity rings for women feature round diamonds, these rings can be made with fancy shapes such as princess cut diamonds to emerald cut and more. While wedding bands are generally used as part of the wedding ceremony, eternity bands are often used to celebrate sentimental moments. The never-ending circle of diamonds is meant to represent an everlasting love.

Eternity Ring as wedding ring –

Traditionally, buy your eternity rings are used to celebrate special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. It was gifted from spouse to spouse, typically after marriage. For this reason usually it is not considered the same when it comes to picking engagement rings or wedding bands.

That doesn’t mean you need to look elsewhere for a wedding band.However, rules on what is and what isn’t bridal jewelry have evolved dramatically over the last few years. Today, eternity rings are a more popular option for those who want their wedding band to have something special to it.

Eternity Rings are more real, comfortable and budget friendly option as wedding bands, that is the reason couples are likely to get the eternity rings for the purpose.

Matching with your partner

Traditionally it was a custom for bride and Grooms wedding bands to match via corresponding design, nowadays weddings are an opportunity to respect Unparalleled personality of each other in a fun way. While you both have a mindset to match your bands you can choose the matching eternity rings for men.

Types of eternity rings –

Customs and traditions have evolved and changed over the ages so as modern couples believe more in practicality. While deciding about eternity rings to buy they generally prefer buying it via online platforms with elegant designs, suitable metals and your preferable gemstone or diamonds.

There are end number of options available to choose an eternity rings for both bride and groom. You can search precisely for eternity rings for him and her to find your eternity ring. The most common question to face weather it should be of diamond studded or other gemstones.

Diamond eternity Rings

It is a most popular concept that eternity ring should crafted with diamonds and still many options available in the same segment as long as popularity and value of diamonds at the top. Many Jewelry brands offer a range of sparkling eternity rings as part of their wedding collection, boasting a variety of settings, color and metal.

A half set eternity rings are also in the bucket to stay crafty and dazzle in half budget. The amazing fact is there is no difference between the material used and stones set in the ring. Half eternity ring has diamond on the front face of ring.

Coloured Stone eternity Rings

Since a wide range of precious and semi precious gemstones are in trend and popular choice couples have option to go for eternity rings with coloured stones. As these stones provides boundless opportunity to design because of bright, bold and unique colours and ultimate appearance of jewelry piece. Market graph of coloured stone eternity rings and jewelry as well is increasing noticeably.

While you are sure about using eternity ring as wedding ring you can go for the eternity ring that fits best to your liking and affordability

As wedding band is destined to be worn forever. it is of course crucial to consider practicalities such as budget and durability. Which is most important of all, however, if  your ring satisfies your unique personal fashion style, making you feel as special as can possibly be. Whether you find it reflective and comfortable of you, it can eternity ring be used as wedding ring.

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