Buying Men’s Jewellery: Tips and Tricks for Success

Buying men’s jewellery is a delicate task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! There are many tips and tricks that can help you find the perfect necklace, bracelet, or ring.

If you’re in Australia and looking for men’s jewellery, this post is for you. We’ll go over 10 quick steps with specific examples of what to look out for when buying men’s jewellery in Australia.

First of all, you need to know what metal your jewellery is made out of. There are three major types: gold, silver and platinum. Gold has always had a special place in men’s jewellery for its elegance and beauty; however, the price can be high depending on how pure it was produced (24k or 18k). Silver will look more casual than the other metals – perfect if that is your style! However, some men may find this too simple looking. Platinum has become very popular as well because it looks like white gold but doesn’t require rhodium plating which over time wears off with regular wear (jewelry tarnishes quickly when exposed to air so keep them stored safely). It also holds its value very well so if you ever have to sell it, you will get a better price.

The next step is deciding on your preferred setting for men’s jewellery. There are three main types: prongs, bezel, and pave. Prong settings use a total of four or six points that hold the gemstone in place by going through the edge of the stone and into a metal “shoulder” that encircles the entire circumference of gemstones (these require more precise cuts from stones as they need to fit inside). Bezels can be plain – where there is one solid piece all around holding down the stone without any shoulders poking out from under or they can have spikes coming up from underneath. These make diamonds look like they are floating on the ring. Pave settings use small stones to create a solid surface of diamonds – this is done by setting them into the metal which makes it possible for them to be very close together (this type can be more expensive). Or choose a crystal that enhances your male energy. Crystal names such as Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite are just some of the most popular crystals for men.

The next step is deciding what type of men’s jewellery you want: rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Rings carry special significance because they’re worn directly on your hand and therefore symbolize an important commitment between two people; however if not chosen carefully, it could come across as though there’s something wrong with one’s own masculinity! Different types include solitaire engagement rings where only one diamond sits atop the band facing up towards you (the most popular choice), tuxedo styles that have a row of diamonds down the center with two on either side and three stone bands that have one larger diamond in the middle flanked by smaller ones. Necklaces are perfect for men who don’t want to wear jewellery around their neck but still want something visible from time to time – it’s also less conspicuous than wearing a ring since most guys will be able to pull it off without looking feminine at all! Bracelets can be worn as accessories during casual days or they make great gifts for loved ones (the key is finding out what metal he prefers first).

If you’re buying jewellery online, there are some things you should avoid so your gift doesn’t look cheap: clear plastic packaging, fake boxes using logos instead of brand names, and having a very thin box. There are several ways to avoid this: purchase jewellery from brands that have been around for years (they will usually use their own boxes), look through pictures on the website to see if it’s in a proper box or not, and ask the brand directly! The last thing you want is your gift getting damaged during shipping because of inferior packaging.

Finally comes presentation – after all these steps we’re now going back to how it looked before opening. If you’ve ever received an expensive present only to open it up at home and find out there was nothing special about its wrapping job then you know what I mean here… Look over the final product carefully so as soon as they unwrap it, nothing looks amiss!

A great way to tell if jewellery is high quality or not is by looking at the prongs – they should be smooth and evenly spaced around all sides of the stone. If you see any sharp edges, that means it was made poorly which could eventually lead to your stones falling out so avoid purchasing anything with this type of workmanship. Lastly, have him try on his new present once he opens it… It’s more fun than just handing over a box but also ensures everything fits perfectly too!

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We hope these tips are helpful for men who want to wear jewellery in Australia without attracting unnecessary attention from strangers or friends/family members alike! At least now when someone asks about what pieces he has on while wearing them, he will be able to answer them with ease!

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