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Best Practices for Recycling Kids’ Apparel and Other Kids’ Items

People think that recycling clothes means only shirts, pants, dresses, etc. But textile waste is so much more it includes stuffed animals, towels, backpacks, underwear, shoes, slippers, and even bed sheets. All of this waste goes into landfills, and sometimes when it isn’t disposed of correctly, it goes into our oceans. That’s why recycling is vital for saving our ecosystem. Vinyl bowling towels are a great way to stay warm & dry when playing outside.

Everyone knows that kids outgrow their clothes very fast, which means that the kids’ industries constantly create more and more products, and most of those barely used items end up in the trash. The best way to get rid of your kids’ old clothes is to recycle them, donate them or give them to retailers. You can click here to see a perfect example of a retailer who has utilized the best practices for recycling and retailing kids’ items. Kidzmax offers top-quality products, many of which still have their tags on. The retailer gives life to old unwanted or outgrown clothes and sells them at the best possible prices. 

When it comes to kids’ clothing, the key to recycling is donating and selling. Sadly it is estimated that just 15% of all textiles (not just kids’ clothing) are reused or recycled properly in the US.  

Best Practices for Recycling Kids’ Products Made of Fabric

The process of recycling clothing goes through a couple of steps, and the textile is separated into different categories. You can do this at home, as well, because it applies to the micro and macro level of society, meaning that you can do it at home, and could be done on a global scale. 

Second-Hand Apparel 

One of the most common ways to get rid of unwanted clothes that are cluttering your closet is by giving them to retailers to be sold as second-hand items or to give them to charity. It is the best solution for those kids’ clothes that are either barely used, still have their tag on, or are in good condition for giving away. One of the best ways to get rid of clothes like that is to make another family happy. There is a big market for such clothing and other recycled items. You should know that recycled or refurbished kids’ products have always been highly sought after. People know very well that a child would outgrow garments quickly, and many families are reluctant to buy new clothing for their children all the time. You can easily find retailers that resell kids’ clothing like Kidzmax, for example. This retailer is dedicated to giving life to recycled kids’ clothes and other items for children. 

Remade into Cleaning and Polishing Cloths

Fabric recycling is an industry that takes old pieces of fabrics and turns them into cleaning and polishing cloths, but you can also turn your clothes into polishing cloths yourself. You can cut up the old clothing pieces and turn them into your cleaning cloths, especially those made of natural materials. Of course, this is done best for such kids’ apparel that is too far gone (it has stains or is already cut up and cannot get worn again) like old t-shirts, pants, or even socks and other underwear. If you don’t want to reuse it, you can look up companies near you that will gladly take those clothing pieces out of your hands and reprocess the fabric to turn it into cleaning cloths. 

Reprocessed into Other Fabric Products 

You should know that clothes usually fall into three categories – synthetic, semi-synthetic, and natural. Synthetic fibers include spandex, polyester, nylon, and other plastic fibers that remain in our landfills forever. These products will never disintegrate, and they are the most dangerous ones in our ecosystem. The semi-synthetic one includes viscose, lyocell, and modal. Those made of semi-synthetic materials can decompose at some point, but they are also dangerous for our ecosystem because they produce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. Natural materials like cotton, hemp, silk, and wool are harmless to our environment. They can decompose, and they are also considered carbon neutral.

Completely Unusable 

If your city has a good textile recycling problem, your completely unusable pieces of fabric can get resold after they get turned into rags and other textile products. There are plenty of cloths, rags, and other textile items for the interior, made of recycled fabric.

You can check if your city or region has a program like that, or you can also check online for other companies near you that would take up your old textile material. Throwing your completely unusable fabric pieces in the trash should be your last resort. 

To Sum It All Up… 

Textile waste is a huge problem not just in the US but also for the world. Millions of tons of textiles end up in landfills or the oceans, causing economic and ecological problems for us and our environment. To dispose of reusable clothing or other textile products that are still in good condition and can get recycled causes millions of dollars to taxpayers in the US. 

So instead of throwing your kids’ clothes in the trash next time, you may think about giving them to a retailer or donating them to charities. 

Many companies want your fabric to be reused for new products. The recycling industry includes different types of companies- manufacturers and textile collectors, and processors, not just retailers and non-profit organizations. 

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