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Best Maui and Molokini Snorkeling Tours


The Pacific Ocean around Hawaii islands showcases places like Maui, which has beautiful marine life. You must take advantage of a snorkeling trip that offers new adventures. Maui island and the Molokini, whose crater pokes above the Pacific waters, are havens for fish and other marine life. There is good underwater visibility, which makes the place perfect for snorkeling activities. Maui and Molokini tours offer rich, engaging, and biodiverse shipwrecks, making snorkeling trips one of the must-do activities while in Hawaii.

Here are the best Maui snorkel tours that you will encounter;

Maui Turtle Town Kayak and Snorkel Tour

Turtle Town is the best location for snorkeling off the south coast of Maui. And the best way to experience this area is by kayak. The tour leads you to paddle on Makena bay for some miles. The bay offers calm water, and you can stop to snorkel. And you will have a chance to look at the green turtles and humpback whales, but this is usually during the November to March whale season, without forgetting the manta rays.

Molokini and Turtle town Snorkel Tour

If you need to explore more, including the shoals around the crater of Molokini, then the boat tour would be the best option. You will have the privilege of snorkeling and seeing an abundance of life, for instance, sharks, colorful fish, and manta rays. You will have an encounter with the sharks that live and swim near the coral, but a lifeguard will be in the water to offer help and ensure safety.

Lanai Snorkeling and Dolphin Encounter

Maui snorkel tours give you a chance to have a unique experience with dolphins. You will have to explore the coastline of Lanai Island, which happens to be the sixth largest in Hawaii. At the time of your catamaran ride, you will have breakfast to start with as you leave Maui behind and Lanai comes into view. You will have a chance to see spinner dolphins breaching the surface and plenty of opportunities to snorkel in Lanai’s calm bays.

Molokini Snorkeling Adventure Aboard the Calypso

With the help of the Maui snorkel tours, you will have the opportunity to see different species of fish that inhabit the Molokini crater. You will spot a variety of them during the five-hour period that begins at Maalaea Harbor. Through the Calypso boat’s glass bottom viewing port, you will see manta rays, dolphins, and sharks. You will enjoy the adventure as you swim alongside green turtles, guided by a professional lifeguard.

Lanai Coast Sail and Snorkel Trip

By entrusting yourself with Maui snorkel tours, you can hop on a luxury sailing Catamaran in Lahaina for the best snorkeling excursion off the coast. You will experience the lovely reefs and snorkel beneath the sea cliffs of the imposing islands. The best thing about snorkeling tours to Lanai is that few people know about them, making them peaceful.


Maui and Molokini snorkel tours offer an opportunity to view incredible marine species. The water is crystal clear, allowing the guests to see various reef formations, much marine life, and rare coral species. Get a chance to explore with Maui snorkel tours, and you will have a smooth and fun adventure with no regrets.

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