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All You Need to Know About Neck Lift Surgery

We all pay great attention to our faces trying to keep them gorgeous, flawless, and young. Unfortunately, most people will ignore their neck appearance until saggy skin or a double chin appears. 

Well, when it comes to aging, your neck appearance can be as revealing as your face. Therefore, it is crucial that you pay attention to it and control the aging signs as soon as they appear. A neck lift surgery might be an excellent option if you do not love your neck and jaw appearance.

So, What is a Neck Lift?

Neck lift surgery is also known as lower rhytidectomy. It is a plastic surgery that involves trimming skin and tightening the muscle layers running down either side of the neck. This is done to eliminate sagging skin and alter neck muscles, resulting in a smooth, youthful appearance. A neck lift surgery involves two procedures; cervicoplasty (removal of excess skin) and platysmaplasty (to alter neck muscles).

Besides excess skin, a neck lift procedure eliminates excess fat on the face and under the chin, muscle banding, and loose skin around the neck. Numerous factors, such as stress, heredity, gravity, and environmental conditions, could cause these problems.

Advantages of a Neck Lift Surgery

Smoother Skin

Pulling the neck skin together eliminates wrinkles and fine lines, making you look healthy and young.

Minimal Scarring

A professional cosmetic surgeon will expertly conceal the incisions in your hairline and beneath your chin, hiding any signs of cosmetic surgery.

Short Recovery Period

Neck lifts have a quick recovery time compared to many other cosmetic procedures. Patients can embark on their usual activities in as short as two weeks.

Jaw Contouring

One of the significant benefits of a neck lift surgery is the ability to help contour and define the jawline while removing jowls.

The Ability to Achieve What Exercise and Diet Cannot

While exercise and diet effectively transform numerous body parts, they have a relatively low effect on the skin and muscles around the neck (including the double chin). A neck lift procedure is your best bet and is the best way of enhancing the appearance of such areas of your body.

Improved Self Esteem and Confidence

A great appearance will significantly improve your self-love and esteem. You will be confident enough to chin up and face the world.

What Is the Approximate Cost of a Neck Lift Procedure?

The ultimate neck lift cost in San Diego, CA, may vary based on numerous factors, such as the complexity of the surgery and the exact hospital or clinic you have chosen for the procedure. Other factors include the surgeon’s experience and the need for combination surgeries. The only way to be sure of the ultimate cost of the procedure is by arranging for an in-person meeting with your surgeon. The doctor will examine and analyze your condition and lay down the specifics of your neck lift procedure, after which the cost is determined.

Neck Lift Procedures FAQ

Who are the suitable candidates for a neck lift procedure?

Generally, patients going for neck lift procedures are between 40 to 75 years. All the same, any person suffering from any of the following conditions is a suitable candidate for this procedure:

  • Wrinkled necks
  • Excess fat or skin around the neck
  • Loose skin or turkey wattle around the throat
  • Jowls (Excess skin or fat under the chin)

Additionally, a good neck lift candidate must have good skin elasticity, which can easily conform to its new condition. If your skin is extremely thin or tight, it might be hard to pull it back to a new position after adjusting and trimming it. The surgeon must also confirm that the patient is in good general health before embarking on the procedure to reduce the risks of post-surgery complications.

How should I prepare for a neck lift procedure?

Your cosmetic surgeon might advise you to avoid taking aspirin, among other blood thinning prescriptions, one week before the procedure. You should also refrain from smoking as it can negatively impact your healing process. Your doctor will plan for a consultation to analyze your health and discuss your needs, goals, and expectations.

What should I expect post-procedure?

You must have a designated family member or relative to drive you home and take care of you the first few days after the procedure. Some patients need to wear a special bandage to compress the neck muscles and prevent swelling. Note that the bruising and swelling might take weeks to disappear, while the incision line might take several months to fade. You can resume your daily operations two to four weeks after the procedure.

What are the possible risks of a neck lift surgery?

Like any other surgery, a neck lift surgery might have potential risks that might appear during or after the procedure. They include:

  • Issues associated with anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Fluid collection (seroma)
  • Blood collection (hematoma)
  • Skin or tissue necrosis
  • Nerve injury
  • Scarring

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