All The Important Information on The Buses in Bratislava Slovakia

Bratislava is one of the most popular cities amongst tourists because of its various positive points. It is the largest and the capital city of Slovakia that is surrounded by two neighbouring countries – Austria and Hungary. It is a very beautiful city and travelling around here is no problem at all, as it is cheapest and most convenient too.

If you are travelling without a car then here you can make use of public transport like the buses, trolleybuses and trams that operate throughout the year. This is owned by the company named Dopravny Podnik Bratislava (DPB) which has made sure that you get frequent transportation to move within the city. The only problem would be outskirts where the transportations are less frequent.

All the three means of transport are connected within and that is why you can travel by using just one single ticket. For your special benefit, you have this place named OC Nivy which is one bus station where you can take buses to any corner of Slovakia. On their site, you can get information on different buses and their departure and arrival timings. This station is open 24 hours so feasible for anyone travelling at any odd timings can find it helpful.

About Timetables

There are timetables available at every station that can help you to get information on the arrivals and the departures of the buses. They are divided into three different parts:

  1. Pracovne dni: This includes the travelling times for Monday to Friday, except for public holidays
  2. Skolske Prazdniny: This is for school buses during school holidays, except for national holidays
  3. Sobota-nedela-sviatok: This is for weekends and national holidays

Normally these buses start their travel from 5 am to midnight. In case of any night travelling, you will need to use the night buses of DPB which starts at 23:30 to 4:00 (am).

About the Bus Tickets

The bus tickets need to be purchased before entering the bus. You can purchase them at the DPB customer service centres, At Slovak railway sales points, at newspaper stands and many other places. After you receive the ticket, you need to validate it at the entrance of the bus, but when you are transferring on the buses, you do not have to validate it again and again.

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Bratislava City Card

If you want to stay in Bratislava for a longer time, then buying a city card would be the best option for you. the advantage of this is that you can have unlimited access to public transportation and also some discounts and free access to many tourist attractions.

National and International Bus lines

When you want to travel within Slovakia then the bus would be the cheapest and most feasible option for you. this would be best when you want to travel to villages and smaller towns which is not connected to the railways. When you want to get connected within other European countries then, especially those neighbouring countries, then here too you can make use of buses. Bratislava is very close to Austria and Vienna and therefore there are many departures between the countries.

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