A complete guide to exhibition stands

Exhibition stands are quite important. These are used in event marketing and make it more successful. It is important to have a display that has maximum exposure to your service or brand, whether at a conference, meeting, networking event, exhibition, or trade show.

First-time exhibitors might require some assistance in buying the best exhibition stands. The exhibition stand is a promotional display that uses printed material to attach to the frame. The frame helps to improve the visibility of the brand. This is also known as a larger branded wooden or metallic structure that is customized for trade shows and organizations.

What are the types of exhibition stands?

You might be interested in knowing the types of exhibition stands. There are different types of exhibition stands that are used. Each type has its benefits. Let us know the types of exhibition stands in detail.

1. Banner stands

These are the most used banner stands that are used in reception areas and retail spaces. These are available in a wide range of sizes. The banner stands are important as they help in marketing. These are easy to assemble and are portable stands. These are the most used banner stands at marketing events, exhibitions, and trade shows. Some benefits include

  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide range of types

2. Popup display stands

Popup displays are also popular in marketing. These are available in different sizes. They give a highly visible and branded back wall for the company. These display stands are available in different shapes and designs. Some key benefits include

  • Appealing visualization
  • Customizable
  • Durable frame
  • Long-term use

3. Fabric display stands

Fabricated display stands are the most modern display designs available in the market. These are designed in such a way to make a great impact at marketing events. These are suitable for trade shows as they are portable and lightweight. The artwork helps to create the best eye-catching display. Some key benefits include

  • Customized frames
  • Portability
  • Lightweight

4. Portable exhibition furniture

This is the most amazing accessory that makes a stand appealing and accessible. The load-bearing equipment and transporting tables can be inconvenient to handle during trade shows. So it would be good to use portable exhibition furniture. Some key benefits include

  • Customization with graphics
  • Available storage options
  • Attendee interaction

5. Display boards

These are suitable for engaging visitors at the exhibition and trade booth. These are suitable if you need to change the message often. The display boards are available in different colours, designs, tabletop, free-standing, pole kits, or modular panels. Key benefits include

  • Portable
  • Foldable
  • Regular changing display
  • Good for audience interaction

6. Literature stands

These are the best for people who need to show printed matter, leaflets, magazines, or brochures. The literature rack or stand is beneficial as you can build and break them at the event. Some advantages include

  • Built within minutes
  • Better exposure
  • Different sizes available

Things to consider to purchase an exhibition stand

You need to consider several factors to purchase an exhibition stand. Beginners or first-time buyers can find it quite challenging to purchase the exhibition stand. Some of the most significant factors that help in purchasing exhibition stands are as follows.

1. Ease of assembling

The biggest and most significant factor you should consider when purchasing exhibition stands is whether it is easy to assemble them. Event marketing requires getting the venue and setting things quickly. There are a lot of things to handle. In such situations, the exhibition stands that are easy to assemble can do a lot. So you must check the ease of assembly.

2. Check the print quality

You must check the print quality of the exhibition stands. The attendees are discouraged when the graphics look damaged or cheap. So print quality is a factor to be considered. Checking the print quality is an important factor that can never be ignored at any cost.

3. Check the reusability

Reusability is another factor that you must consider when purchasing exhibition stands. The exhibition stands can increase the ROI of the show. Spending lots of money to purchase a new stand every time you hold an event is a nonsense. Several modular stands are reusable. You can fit the stand into different sizes. This is how you can reuse an exhibition stand.

4. Size of the exhibition stand

The most important thing that a person should know when purchasing an exhibition stand is the available floor space to allocate at the show. Here are two types of exhibiting spaces at events. These include shell scheme and space only.

  • Shell scheme involves a framework of fabric panelled or metallic in the space to separate the display from the rest of the displays. The back of the display is not visible to the passengers.
  • Space is only the exhibiting space with no framework around the stand. It depends on the availability of the space. The back of the exhibition stand is visible to the passengers.

You can purchase the space from the event organizers. Some common sizes include 3m x 4m, 3m x 3m, or 2m x 2m. Moreover, some other ratios are also available. It is good to check the size of the stand and whether the footprint fits the dimensions. You can also purchase portable display stands and backdrops – 1m,2m,3m,4m,5m,6m wide.

A person has to choose the right size and display of the exhibition stands. The sizes and designs vary according to the choice of the customers. You can find customized sizes and designs.

The final words

These are some of the most significant things that you should know about exhibition stands. A person should purchase the best exhibition stand from a reputable seller. Purchasing an exhibition stand is a one-time investment, so you should buy it right. It would be great to purchase the best quality, economical, and portable exhibition stands to have a better experience.

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