7 Winter Must-Haves That Can Make You Look Hot Even When It’s Cold

Winter is fast approaching. With that comes the warm and cozy OOTDs that are more or less infuriating to style. It’s not hard to admit that looking great during the harsh cold weather can be a bit intimidating. We may not be capable of wearing the hottest winter trends like our beloved fashion icons, but that is not an excuse not to feel good and look good during the season.

The good news is, by incorporating the essential elements considered trending this year, we can achieve the hottest looks like our favorite stars. How can we accomplish this too hot for the winter look? Check the following fashion tips below.

Crazy Animal Prints

Famous fashion designers all over the world expressed the animalistic style after leopard prints, zebra stripes, python patterns, and other animal prints grace the runways. From tops and bottoms to dresses and coats and even hats, shoes and other accessories, one can now grab their favorite prints and look effortlessly chic during the cold months.

How can one rock the animal print trend this fall and winter? A touch of animal print on your casual OOTD can give anyone a roaring surprise. Look for an animal-print fur coat with a denim-finish for an instant stand-out casual outfit. Want something you can wear day and night? A midi-skirt in striking prints will give you warmth and comfort while looking hot and stylish. Want to play it safe? Pair your stripes, dots or patterns with monochromatic colors.

Teeny Party Dresses with a Twist

Going to a party has never been more fun than wearing those little dresses you adore while getting on the groove. But, how can one achieve an elaborate party dress without feeling cold and turning blue? This is where tights, scarves and other winter accessories sneak in.

We often see the most elegant party-goers of Hollywood always dressed to impress during parties. Most think they go for style over comfort, but that is not still the case. They may look hot and gorgeous in the thinnest materials, but they’ve got backups covering up for them. These can be in forms of fluffy scarves, long gloves, sexy boots, gorgeous leather coats and most of all the popular women’s sweaters by Brochu Walker.

Glossy Fabrics

A surprise entry this season are OOTDs made up of high-shine fabrics. Metallics made from plastic, latex or vinyl may be already hot earlier this year, and the trend won’t sizzle down any time soon. Since the fall and winter season requires you to be bundled up dry and cozy, many have already incorporated a glossy finish on trench coats and blazers.

Wear a shimmery coat with a glossy and rain-proof finish over your favorite outfits. There are feminine dresses made of smooth and sheeny materials available for instant-glam and style.

Leather it up with a Jacket

Unsurprisingly, leather means business this year, and many catwalks proved that leather is one hot item this season. Be it short and sassy or bold and funky, spicing up your wardrobe with this durable materials will always be fun and exciting.

Layering up your outfit with a cool leather jacket can be cool and risky at the same time. There are some of us who wouldn’t want to look like members of an outlaw motorcycle group. However, finding the right leather jacket that fits like a glove and pairing it up with nice fitted-jeans, a cute top and a pair of comfy shoes is the way to go.

Faux Fur Winter Parkas

If you’re one that shivers even with long sleeves, jackets, pants, and boots on, then what you need is a winter coat to keep you going even when out in the cold. Don’t let the harsh weather bother you anymore, for a parka will always save the day this winter.

Style your black winter parka with separates like a white turtleneck, skinny jeans and ankle boots. Wear one with your trainers on, a cute top and well-fitted pants for a sporty look. Are you going out to a party? Grab your wardrobe essentials like a little black dress and pumps. Feeling blue this morning? Throw in a winter parka in bright colors for an instant mood-changer.

Unrivaled Jumpsuits

Good news for those who loved wearing jumpsuits last summer! While wearing the modern-day woman’s wardrobe must-have was initially a rare sight in the streets, donning jumpsuits nowadays became an instant hit after stars were seen rocking the look.

Thanks to the effortless style that jumpsuits offer, women can now spend a considerably less amount of time in deciding what to wear and accessorize their outfits. You can wear a long jumpsuit with a blazer for a chic professional look, or a short but long-sleeved one with knee-high boots.

Oversized Capes

That’s right, superhero-like capes made it to the list this year thanks to their remarkable presence in Milan and London runways. With the numerous styles models wore during the many catwalks this year, it is no wonder why capes are a winter must-have this season.

Paris offered capes in rich and dramatic tones that are an instant head-turner no matter the time of day. These come in many forms, colors, sizes, and materials that lets you choose from a wide range of selection. From leather to silk and monochromatic hued capes to animal prints and bold colors, you’ll get to find the perfect one to give whatever outfit that instant boost.

When it comes to winter clothing, warmth and comfort should always be a priority. Standing out in the crowd may seem impossible while wearing old winter-essentials you keep hidden for months or even years. However, with the right pieces and perfect fitting, you’ll look cool and hot at the same time minus the pricey price tag.

This is to say there is nothing wrong with spending tons of cash on the latest fashion, but why splurge on a considerable amount of money when you can hack your way into looking cool and fabulous while feeling cozy in cold months? Got any favorites on our list? Let us know which one by writing in the comment section below!

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