Soft comforter?  Fluffy comforter?  Extra Fluffy Comforter?  Confused, which one to select? Does the thought of buying a comforter bother you? Wondering why to invest in a new comforter when the old one can be used for one more year? We understand your dilemma. Thus, in this article we will help you encounter 7 unknown facts about comforters for winter.

Sit back and relax! Let us take you on an education tour. After this, you can rely on yourself while buying a comforter. Under-mentioned facts would help you have knowledge about varieties of comforter sets.

1. Thread Count of the Fabric

The first and foremost aspect that one considers is what they see. As soon as we start looking for a comforter for winter, what catches our eye is the cover. Thread count of the fabric with which the cover is made is a necessary attribute. Maximum the thread count, finest will be its construction. Furthermore, it will feel soft to the skin.

Thread counts again are important because a better construction will not let the filling migrate. It is generally seen that the fibers pass through the cover due to its poor quality. So, be aware of what you are investing into. When buying a comforter online, you can go to the description section and check the thread count.

2. Construction of the comforter

The construction of the comforter is an essential factor to have knowledge about. There is some logic behind how it is constructed. Usually, two layers of fabric are put on the outer surfaces. In between the stuffing gets sandwiched. All these layers are then sewn together. This is a general way of developing a comforter.

Now, there are multiple types of construction that take place. We would recommend opting for baffle box construction. In the baffle box construction different shells are made and sewn together. Each of these sections are then filled with an ample amount of fibers so that the air becomes trapped. Thus, it will result in extra fluffy comforter sets. This construction related information can be spotted on the care label.

3. Comforter Filling Material

For the best fluffy comforters, comforter filling material plays an important role. A comforter is made up of two layers of fabric with a filling inside. There are different kinds of stuffing. For example- polyester, wool, cotton or down feathers. Each of these fillings vary according to the warmth level. Further, the weight of each stuffing is also distinct. Among all the mentioned stuffing, down feathers are the highly effective materials to keep winters at bay. However, mostly we find that the manufacturers fill in the comforter with polyester. So wisely decide which comforter filling would be appropriate as per your requirements.

4. GSM of what you are buying

GSM stands for grams per square meter. Commonly, comforters weigh between 220-280 gsm. This is an ideal weight for a comforter. However, if you want a comforter with extra warmth, you can also buy a comforter with 300 gsm. Such a duvet would be best suited in heavy winters.

5. Weight 

You cannot neglect the weight of the comforter. A heavy comforter would never satisfy you. If the comforter weighs too much, it does not feel soft and your sleep will be disturbed. Especially in case of extra fluffy comforters, we need to ensure the weight.

The warmth of the comforter relies completely upon what is filled inside. There are different types of fills that you can select from. For instance- cotton, microfiber thermoballs, polyester, wool or down-feathers. Each of these fillings vary according to the warmth level. Further, the weight of each stuffing is also distinct.

6. Wash Care

Commonly we find out that comforters have to be dry cleaned. They are not machine washable. Nor can they be washed at home. This would require you to invest a lot of money in maintaining the comforter.

Thereafter, while buying a comforter check the wash care instructions. These guidelines will help you know how and how often you can clean it. Always look for comforters which can be washed at home. This will be a cost effective investment.

7. Durability

It is a well known fact that for making a comforter different kinds of fibers. Nevertheless, different fibers have different life tenure. For comforters, we recommend using down feathers. The cause behind the same is that it keeps the comforter lightweight and comfortable to wrap. After some time fibers start forming lumps. So it is necessary for you to know when your comforter will lose its warmth. Be cautious about what you buy.

I can bet that if you consider all of these points prior to buying a comforter, no sales person can dupe you. Buy what you need. Knowing where to buy is another significant factor. Jaipur Fabric presents authentic comforter sets available in all sizes. We also have a comforter set double bed.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How to select the best comforter for oneself?

Studies show that a good comforter consists of natural materials. It contains polyester, wool, cotton or down feathers, etc. Professionals out there also advise to use comforters having microfibers and silk. Further, a good comforter should be free from any type of harshness and be skin friendly.

2. Where can I buy a comforter set double bed at a reasonable price?

At Jaipur Fabric, we have varieties of comforter sets available in different sizes. You can filter your requirements through our large assortment of fluffy comforter sets. We provide the best quality products at reasonable rates.

3. What is the return policy? If there is any?

We work strongly on customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, if you still find the product dissatisfactory, Jaipur Fabric® has a 7 days (seven) return policy. Within the given number of days, if you approach us; we will do the needful.

4. Do you also provide discounts?

Yes, we do provide discounts. Jaipur Fabric is a one stop destination for all the bed essentials. We work intensely on all the aspects of a bed accessory. Buying from us would be a leisurely experience as we offer incredible discounts and uncompromised range of products.

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