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7 Life Lessons Learned from Escape Room Movie

And when you think movies are only for temporary entertainment and will be forgotten after the story is over, the escape room movie obliterates this stereotype. Not only it is a powerhouse of fun and recreation, but it also has many teachings that you can apply in your real life to face a challenge head-on and move on from it once it’s gone. 

So, let us look at the 7-such life lessons that you can learn from the escape room movie by simultaneously enjoying the premise: 

  • Creative thinking 

In an escape room where there’s only a limited amount of time in your hand, your brain goes into a sensory overload and switches over to the creative side to come up with solutions to the puzzles. You have no choice but to find a unique way to piece the clues together and come up with the answer, and it enables you to think creatively in any situation.  

  • Time management 

Since escape rooms rely on you to break free of the puzzle game before the time runs out, it teaches you to manage time efficiently. You and your team must divide the clues so that nothing gets left behind and ensure that you have gone through every possible detail for figuring out the solution. In this way, you learn to accomplish your goals while managing time.  

  • Problem-solving 

While confronting the different and unique challenges within an escape room, you will have to rely on problem-solving to get out of the sticky situation. And by combining the scenarios from the real world with the puzzles and clues in the escape room, you can develop your intuition and use your resources to find the answer for breaking out.  

  • Conquering fear 

One of the biggest lessons you learn at an escape room is to conquer your fear. If there’s something that you feel could be a vital clue to reach the next puzzle, don’t think about anything and go for it. It helps you get out of your comfort shell and step forward to explore more. And the more you expose yourself to different scenarios, the more you understand how to tame your anxiety and fear.  

  • Team working aptitude 

It takes two to tango in an escape room. Playing it solo is not the answer to winning the game. You need to rely on the strengths of your teammates and understand their weaknesses to solve the tasks as one collective problem. And by trusting others and working together for a common aim, you develop team operating skills and learn to collaborate with different people even during sire situations.  

  • Better communication skills 

Escape rooms require you to communicate with the other members in your group to deliver information to one another and work on the observations you have gathered. It helps reduce your awkwardness and eases interaction between people. So, you can improve your communication aptitude and gain confidence in talking to anyone after this in the real world.  

  • Enhanced concentration 

The puzzles in an escape room give you more space to focus in a limited environment and concentrate on solving the task at hand. By hacking your mind to get the best out of your situation, you learn to notice the tiniest details hidden around you and how you can utilize your resources to get a productive result. As a result, it ultimately enhances your attention to spotting small elements. 


And these were the most important life lessons that you can gain from the escape room movie and use them to sharpen your real-life skills. They are easy, efficient, and fun to grasp. And the best part? You get to relish an adventure with your family and friends while honing your soft skills in unique and intriguing gameplay. 

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