6 Elegant and Versatile Women’s Chopard Watches This 2021

When it comes to luxury watches, you’ll undoubtedly be faced with a plethora of options. Some will be as beautiful as they are, with matching functionality, while others will simply be excellent. Everyone has their own opinion about various watches, especially women who are very intricate about everything.

As a saying, there’s something for everyone like that from Chopard ladies watches that spew opulence and magnificence to more delicate and minimalistic models. And speaking of Chopard, it is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches, jewelry, and accessories based in Geneva. The Chopard watches for ladies featured in this article will pique anyone’s interest, regardless of their taste and desires in life.

1. Chopard Classic

Timeless Chopard watches from this line will give women a retro vibe with their simple leather strap and a perfectly round face. Leaf-shaped hands are also available, which exude eloquence and class. Chopard’s Classic is available with rose gold or white gold faces. The straps are available in either brown or black leather. A smaller, more petite face is also available on the Classic Chopard watch that will make those slender wrists love it. The Classic Chopard is ideal for anyone who enjoys all things retro but wishes to add an element of glitz. The Classic Chopard watch also comes with a diamond-set circular bezel as an alternative.

2. Chopard Happy Sport

Conversely, if you have an androgynous streak, the Chopard Happy Sport must be right up your alley. The Chopard Happy Sport is a thick and bulky watch that seamlessly combines femininity and machismo. The most popular of the Chopard Happy Sport watches features a curvy bracelet and a significantly daring face, as well as five ‘dancing’ diamonds. The diamonds in the Chopard Happy Sport face move around openly. These diamonds, according to die-hard Chopard fans, take the Chopard Happy Sport to another level.

3. Imperiale Empress Watch

Chopard’s Imperiale Empress Watch is ideal for the woman who is well-versed in all things exquisite. The Imperial Empress watch’s bracelet is just that: a bracelet. Unlike the typical watch strap, this is more of a masterpiece than a frequent strap. Chopard’s Imperiale Empress Watch has a face adorned with opulent pearls and diamonds. It also has a breathtaking ruby in the center. The Imperiale Empress Watch, notwithstanding being the queen of luxury watches, is still adaptable particularly if you’re the type of lady who prefers to keep the wardrobe straightforward and glamorous. Consider the Imperiale Empress Watch the focal point of your daily ensemble.

4. Chopard Happy Diamonds Joaillerie

Is there a special occasion approaching, perhaps an anniversary? Or, ladies, are you simply searching for a way to congratulate yourself on a recent achievement? Chopard’s Happy Diamonds Joaillerie is just what you’ve been searching for. A mother-of-pearl frame with comparable circular diamonds and ‘dancing’ heart-shaped rubies frames the Chopard Happy Diamonds Joaillerie. The face is more svelte and landed in the middle of the frame. A double ring of diamonds encircles the face of this Chopard watch for ladies. This adds a touch of grandeur and gracefulness to the piece. Chopard’s Happy Diamonds Joaillerie is a lovely piece of jewelry. A Chopard lady’s watch is ideal for an enthusiast of all highlights, whether she is your partner or not.

5. Chopard Happy Dreams 36MM

If the Happy Diamonds Joaillerie was a little too extravagant for you, the Chopard Happy Dreams 36MM might be a better fit. The Chopard Happy Dreams has an analogous petite face framed by a double ring of diamonds and a mother-of-pearl frame, but it’s a little more endearing. Chopard’s ‘dancing’ diamonds are also present. Chopard drew inspiration from waterfalls for the design of its Happy Dreams 36MM watch. When you look at your Chopard Happy Dreams in the light from the sun, you’ll feel as if you’re staring at a beautiful waterfall on a sunny day. Choose between 18K white or rose gold, depending on your selection.

6. Chopard Imperiale 36MM Watch

Do you still have your eye on the Imperiale Empress Watch, but you need something a little more practical for day-to-day use? The Chopard Imperiale 36MM could be just what you’re looking for. The Chopard Imperiale 36MM in ruby red, with a face encrusted with baguette-shaped diamonds, comes the closest to the Imperiale Empress Watch. This Chopard ladies watch is ideal for the more vivacious woman. Someone who knows her style and isn’t frightened to flaunt it. It’s also obtainable in a variety of brilliant colors. Choose between a refined white and a royal tourmaline green. Alternatively, the Imperiale Watch 36MM with a chunky, athletic strap is an ideal choice.

In A Nutshell

There is a Chopard ladies watch for every perfect girl out there. It doesn’t matter what kind of style you have. Whether you’re ostentatious, modest, or explicitly eccentric, Chopard has something for you. So if you still don’t have one in your collection, try considering the models mentioned.

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