5 Warning Signs a Loved One is Suffering From Alcohol Abuse

Does your loved one think a great night out consists of drinking a few bottles of wine and partying? Maybe they like to drink at home, and when they’re hungover, you come to find empty bottles or cans.

Whether your loved one is a ‘social drinker,’ ‘partier,’ or another label, the question remains the same. How much is too much? When does casual drinking lead to alcohol abuse?

Keep reading to see if your loved one may need to enroll in a drug & alcohol rehab center.

It Becomes A Craving, And They Feel Like You Need It All The Time

When alcohol becomes a craving and your loved one can’t function without it, you need to help them reassess their drinking. There is no reason to go to work or other daily activities drunk. They shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car, and you will find that they are constantly trying to hide just how much they actually consume.

Have Other Friends Said Something About The Drug And Alcohol Intake?

Have your friends have said something to you about your loved one’s drug and alcohol intake? If they have, that means that your friends are nervous or afraid. That is one of the most significant indicators that you should help your loved one stop drinking.

Are Blackouts Frequent?

Blackouts occur when you have had far too much to drink. If your family member can’t remember things they have been doing, they are causing permanent and life-threatening damage to their body. The liver could fail in the future and other vital organs. In addition to this, they are causing brain damage as well. This is the point where you need to seek professional help because they are far past the point of overdoing it. Your intervention could save their life.

A Morning After Isn’t Just One Morning

A morning-after happens when you drink the night before and have a hangover. When this happens, and it stays with you when you go to work, it affects how you live your life. This isn’t normal, and if you have noticed your loved one having issues like this, it shows that they are making choices that aren’t good for themselves or beneficial in any way. Drug and alcohol abuse that takes on this level isn’t safe and will only hurt in the long run. That is another area where you will find them hiding their behavior. They can cover their eyes with glasses, claim to have a cold, or offer other excuses.

Can They Have Fun Without It?

When you want to go out with your friends or family, can they have fun without it? Can your family member go to a movie or dinner without drinking any alcohol? If your loved one can’t, this is another reason that you should help them to stop drinking and consider that they may have a drug and alcohol problem. A night with your friends or activity with family should be fun without extra additives.

Get Them Help Before It’s Too Late

When drinking begins to take over your loved one’s life to the point where it is almost impossible to function without it, you need to admit that they need help. No one should need alcohol to survive or have fun with their loved ones. They should also know that someone else could suffer if they are drunk at work. If you find that your family member has these signs, seek help to begin to get them to heal from this addiction. You will be giving your body a healthier future.

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