5 Services Every Laundry Service Provider Should Offer

When I was looking for a laundry service near me, some of them did not have the services I was looking for. That’s when I realized how crucial it is for a laundry service provider to be flexible in rendering services to clients of different needs.

Here are the five services that every kedai dobi should offer to serve their client’s needs in the best way possible.

Wash and Fold

This is the most basic laundry service, the wash and fold. Although there are heavy-duty washers and dryers, laundry experts take time to hand wash delicates and pre-treat clothes with stubborn stains.

Laundry services are not only loading washers and dryers then waiting for the cycle to finish. Experts treat stains and spots that are not possible when only using washers. They read wash labels first, as some fabrics require special care and are made with delicate materials.  Moreover, it is best to have your clothes folded neatly.

Pick Up and Delivery Service

People who opt for laundry service wants to minimize their workload and spend their time on more important matters. That’s why it is necessary to offer laundry pick up and delivery.

Your laundry is picked up and delivered to your doorstep whenever you need it. This service lets clients enjoy the convenience of hiring professionals to take care of their laundry. It allows clients to focus on more important things.

Dry Cleaning

Some delicate clothes are damaged when washed regularly. It needs dry cleaning to maintain and prioritize fabric care to keep the clothes from shrinking or stretching.

If you have a cloth with a “dry clean only” tag, the cloth needs special attention, and it is most likely you cannot do it at home. Thus, it indicates you should only bring it to a laundry service provider that offers dry cleaning.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Wedding gowns have intricate and delicate designs that need special attention. If you want to pass down your wedding dress to the younger generation, you have to opt for a cleaning and preservation service. A wedding dress that is not cleaned and preserved suffers fabric yellowing.

Curtain and Linen Cleaning

Curtains, drapes, linens, these types of cloths are difficult to hand wash. It has to be washed through a large washer and dryer. Not only do household has the need of washing their curtain and linen, some businesses that mostly use these cloths have to partner with a laundry service provider that can help them clean them thoroughly.

You have to look at the services that are convenient for you. In addition, it is important to compare the prices of the laundry services near you.

It is important to consider these before choosing the laundry service provider to work with. Rather than spending your days jumping from one cleaner to another, it is best to find the perfect fit for you. Ensure that the above services are ticked off on the list.

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