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5 Islands You Must Visit at Least One Time in Your Life


These days, it seems that everyone is developing a healthy wanderlust and are crossing destinations off their list rapidly. Travel is definitely increasing in the past year, and it could be due to all of the restrictions of the pandemic now slowly dissipating. Being locked up and playing it safe have caused people everywhere to have a healthy appetite to explore and see new places that they’ve never seen before. This is great because truly, the way to expand your horizons and learn new things about life and culture is to travel. However, this year, be challenged to do something a little different. Instead of traveling to just any destination that seems to be very popular, it might be a good idea to explore some of the island life in the world. Islands can be great getaways for many reasons. Not only do you get into a sense of privacy and peaceful solitude, but life on islands seems to be pretty different from that on the mainland. Islands are perfect destinations for people looking for a tropical escape, not just a vacation. So, here are five islands that you must see in your lifetime at least once.

1. Milos, Greece

One of the best Greek islands that exist, it rests in the middle of the Cycladic islands with friendly locals who will urge you to visit some of the charming villages. Here, you’ll see numerous beaches of different colors, depending on the sand or shell colors. What’s great about this beautiful island is that it is very welcoming with all of the perks you’re probably used to getting on most other vacations, such as taverns and lodging, mixed with the magic of the Aegean sea. You don’t want to pass it up.

2. The Whitsundays Islands, Australia

The Whitsunday Islands lie of the coast of Queensland, Australia. 74 different islands make up The Whitsundays, most of which are uninhabited and protected. However, those wanting to visit don’t have to worry as there are many accommodation options available, from hotels to overnight stays on boats while you sail the Whitsundays. The Islands, in particular Whitehaven Beach, are known for having some of the whitest sand and bluest waters in the world and this is a major drawing card for tourist (along with the weather) that makes for some wonderful photo.

3. Sicily, Italy

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island and is quite popular in the world. You’ve probably heard the name before and always wanted to see it for yourself. This island is also steeped in history with many archeological sites and castles for you to explore yourself. The island is so big you will not run out of things to do, and it’s also a romantic place to take your significant other.

4. Hawaii

You can’t go wrong with the magic of Hawaii. Right here in the USA, you’ll find that the life and culture of Hawaii are quite different, and there doesn’t seem to be such an emphasis on time. Therefore, you can leave your watch at home and go explore some of the many beaches filled with activities to do. This place is seeping with all kinds of activities, such as scuba diving, fishing, paddle boarding, and much more.

5. Aruba

Aruba is considered one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, so if you’re a bit anxious about the international folk, there’s no need. You don’t have to go very far to find some of the best beaches, and you can drink the tap water! Also, what makes this place so great is that you’ll feel as though it’s a mixture of home and international vibes, with many people speaking English, but you’ll also meet many people from all over the world.

Take your pick and get a little adventurous this year. Islands are beautiful places with all kinds of activities to do, and these are the ones you’ll want to visit at least one time in your life. Pack some sunscreen, get your boarding pass, and fly off into the sunset.

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