3 myths about electric scooters you’ve heard that aren’t true

Electric scooters are the new craze in the transportation industry. Everyone seems to be talking about them right now, but if you’ve tried to compare e-scooters to find the best model for you, you know there are still a lot of myths about them. This article is about 5 myths about electric scooters you might have heard that just aren’t true.

1. Electric scooters are dangerous for walkers

Most e-scooters are seen in big cities. Traffic in such places is always bigger – a lot of cars, bikes, walkers, and for some time also e-scooters. If the regulations did not include this type of transport, e-scooters users were driving at high speed on the pavements, which led to frequent accidental hits.

However, it was always the fault of the irresponsible e-scooter driver. Not e-scooter itself!

2. Electric scooters are dangerous for the environment

You can often hear that e-scooters are damaging the natural environment and continuing climate changes. This is one of the biggest myths about e-scooters which you can hear. E-scooters use rechargeable batteries. This is one of the best ways to avoid increasing CO2 emissions that are harmful to the climate. And combustion cars and motorbikes still contribute to increasing this emission.

E-scooters are an environmentally friendly way of transport!

3. The e-scooter driver is not safe while driving

This statement is also false. Producers pay attention especially to the safety of the driver. The brakes on the e-scooter are very strong. All the driver has to do is wear a helmet and be responsible while driving.

Solid e-scooter and responsibility of the driver is the best way to guarantee complete safety!

Why these myths still speeding around?

For people who have been injured by electric scooters, it is a natural reaction to blame the scooter. However, electric scooters are a safe, convenient, and affordable way to travel, and they have many environmental benefits. This article aims to disprove the three myths about electric scooters that are most often repeated. We hope you enjoyed it!

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