LawThe Repercussions of Convictions for Domestic Violence


The Repercussions of Convictions for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence convictions frequently result in severe criminal punishments for the offender. Offenders who commit violent crimes frequently face obligatory prison sentences, hefty fines, probation, and required treatment. These kinds of repercussions can be very upsetting. They may result in additional problems like losing your work, having financial difficulties, or even being evicted from your home or having it repossessed.  It is essential to learn more if you have ever been convicted of domestic violence.

Far while these court-ordered punishments are already severe and undesired, the truth that a domestic abuse conviction is made public can have even more damaging and long-lasting repercussions. Even years after the conclusion of your sentence and the closing of the case, the fact that you were found guilty of a violent crime can impact many elements of your life.

  • Employment

Every prospective recruit has their background checked by 72% of businesses. Many businesses would be hesitant to hire a candidate with a violent criminal past and instead choose another applicant rather than taking a chance on one who has been found guilty of domestic violence. In fact, if you have been convicted of domestic abuse, you might never again be able to work in the professions of education, medicine, or other caregiving.

  • Housing

Landlords want to ensure that their tenants are trustworthy, and accountable and do not engage in criminal activities. Because of this, they frequently demand that potential tenant’s consent to a criminal history check before renting to them. It should come as no surprise that landlords frequently hesitate to rent to tenants who have a record of violence because there is a possibility that such violence may take place on their property.

  • Professional Licensure

You will be required to pass a rigorous background check and possibly provide an explanation for any legal issues you may have encountered in the past if you have any intentions of entering a regulated profession, such as law, medicine, nursing, or education. You can find it more challenging to get a professional license in specific circumstances if you have a previous history of domestic violence. At the very least, you will be required to reveal private information about your history to a licensing board composed of strangers.

It is important to note that domestic abuse issues may significantly impact any familial court cases in which you are involved. For instance, if you and the other party are fighting for child custody, the court must consider your domestic violence convictions when making its decision. Even in the lack of a conviction, the court may take evidence of inappropriate behavior into account. In many situations, the other parent of your child may file a custody lawsuit to get full possession if you are charged with domestic abuse. Domestic violence may also lead to the issuance of protective orders, limiting your ability to access your property, see your children, attend specific events, or return home.

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