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Should you contact an attorney after a pedestrian accident in LA?

More often than not, pedestrians suffer the most serious injuries in a road mishap. The number of such incidents reported in Los Angeles each year is insanely high. If the driver acted recklessly and caused the accident, you have every right to seek compensation for your injuries. One of the first essential steps is to contact a Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney to understand the process better. In this post, we are discussing why hiring an attorney is so vital and relevant for pedestrian accidents.

Beyond the basics

No driver ever wants to admit that they are responsible for an accident. Insurance companies are not in the business of helping claimants either. People suffer the most horrible injuries in pedestrian accidents because, unlike the passengers in the car, they aren’t as protected. As such, it often happens that victims spend months or even years recovering from the impact. No matter whether you have suffered catastrophic injuries or significant property damage, it is best to have an attorney on your side.

Complexities are common

As we mentioned, insurance companies wouldn’t want to help you because the settlement is a dent in the profits. The claims adjuster will expect and hope you make a mistake so that they don’t have to pay more. Also, you could be tricked into believing that your pedestrian accident claim is worth a lot less, and therefore, you should accept their offer. With an attorney on your side, you have less to worry about as they can negotiate and discuss the claim with the insurance company. The lawyer will also tackle all curveballs that may crop up during the course of the case.

You don’t need to pay the attorney now

Typically, lawyers ask for an hourly rate and will share an estimate in advance. That’s not the case with personal injury claims. It can take weeks or months to settle a pedestrian accident case, and therefore, the lawyer will ask for a contingency fee. Regardless of the work involved, the lawyer only gets a share of the settlement when you win. This fee can vary between law firms in LA, but you are unlikely to pay over 40% of your final recovered amount. Also, the initial consultation with an attorney to discuss the pedestrian accident claim is free of charge, and you can take the time to know your lawyer better.

Call an attorney soon after the pedestrian accident to get immediate advice.

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