LawCan Social Media Posts Weaken Your Lyft Accident Case?

Can Social Media Posts Weaken Your Lyft Accident Case?


Almost everyone uses social media. It is a medium for staying in contact with family members and friends. But people use various social media to update their daily lives. Many people tend to share almost everything related to their life on their social sites, including updates regarding their accidents. 

These people figured that social media negatively influences the outcome of your claim by making the confidential details of your case accessible to everyone. The information can be used by the lawyer hired by the opposition or the liable driver’s insurance provider. The data left on social sites can be dangerous. Therefore, it is suggested to be cautious after the accident. Every mistake can cost you a lot, regardless of how small. Therefore, contact a Lyft accident lawyer in Jersey City to protect your rights. 

Here are some reasons why social media can weaken the potential of your case. 

You might make statements that can harm your case.

If you are in the habit of regularly updating your life on social media, you might end up making statements related to the incident and the injury, which the insurance provider can utilize. This may manipulate it to prove that you had some fault for the collision or that your damages are not that severe. Suppose you end up making statements that you are not feeling that bad on a particular day. In that case, the post can be used by insurance providers or adjusters to make arguments regarding your improvement and lower your settlement amount.

Posting pictures of your celebratory moments or happiness can impact the severity of your accident.

Suppose you claim that you lack the physical or mental abilities to enjoy your life or continue daily activities like normal and post pictures of celebrating or having fun. In that case, it can be used by insurance adjusters to contradict your claim. They may tell you that your damages are less severe and you are making false claims regarding the injuries and being experienced by the accident.

Lack of privacy

Much information should remain confidential and only between you and your attorney. However, the data is subject to public exposure if you post such information regarding your claim. Anyone can access it and use it for their benefit. It also includes the adjusters and lawyers of the opposition. They may use it to dig up details that can suit their narrative of the case and end up doing something that will weaken your case. 

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