All You Need to Know About Personal Injury Lawyers and Their Work

Personal injury lawyers are attorneys specializing in handling individual injury cases. These cases arise when a person suffers physical or mental harm or damage to property due to another person’s negligence or harmful act.

When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you suffer personal injuries, it is crucial to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. This is important as it allows the lawyer to start on the case by gathering and compiling evidence from the witnesses while it is still fresh.

Additionally, immediate consultation enables the lawyer to direct you on the steps you need to take to ensure you achieve the most from your lawsuit.

How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge?

Almost all Indiana personal injury lawyers provide a free initial consultation and do not charge a fee until there is a recovery. More often than not, while advertising their services, all personal injury lawyers indicate that payment of fees will be on a contingency basis. Thus, a lawyer who offers you a free initial consultation and promises not to charge any fees unless there is a recovery does not offer you anything that is out of the ordinary. This is because all Indiana personal injury lawyers make the same offer and use a contingent fee agreement.

However, the fact that a personal injury lawyer charges contingent fees does not mean that a victim will not be liable to pay case expenses. Contingent fees only apply to attorney fees; hence, they are not payable where there is no recovery in a suit.

Except where a client pays for case expenses at the commencement of the suit or offers to pay for the same on an ongoing basis, case expenses are payable to a lawyer regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome. The manner of payment majorly depends on the lawyer’s/firm’s policy and financial resources.

Do All Personal Injury Lawyers Try Cases in Court?

Not all Indiana personal injury lawyers try personal injury lawsuits in court. A significant percentage of lawyers have little or no experience in jury trials. Consequently, a personal injury victim needs to inquire whether a lawyer tries lawsuits in court.

Understanding this point is important because most insurance companies use this information to assess their risk. Thus, if an insurance company is aware or believes that your lawyer cannot try cases in court, you end up receiving a significantly lower amount than what your case is worth.

What Percentage of the Cases are Referrals from Other Attorneys?

The best way to establish an excellent personal injury lawyer is by asking other lawyers in your area. In any profession, the professionals who practice in that field know who is competent in a particular area. Consequently, the higher the percentage of referral cases from other lawyers, the more reason to believe that a lawyer is adept at handling personal injury cases.


Competent Indiana personal injury lawyers play a vital role in ensuring that personal injury victims get maximum compensation for their claims. Further, nearly all of them operate on a contingency plan, meaning you only pay them once the case is successfully resolved.

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