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What To Clean Before Moving Out Of An Apartment


Before moving out of an apartment, the first thing to do is talk with the landlord and inquire about their expectations. Even though the rules may not entail deep cleaning, it is common decency to do so. List down the cleaning points and give it your best. “It’s important to plan all details according to baltimoremd-movers.net so that your moving process goes as smoothly as possible.

The Bathroom

You should clean the bathroom and leave the room spotless. It’s not fair to leave all sorts of stains on someone else. You should scrub the toilet in and out, wash the wall, shower curtains, and unclog the drains.

Clean The Walls

You may not notice marks and dust on the walls when the house is occupied. But once you move out, the stains will be easily visible. Remove nails, hooks, and wall mounts from every room. Then, fill and repaint the holes to blend with the rest of the wall and wipe the dust.

Clean The Mirror and Glass Windows

A spotless mirror and window give the house a different look. You won’t like finding dirty mirrors and windows in an apartment. Therefore, clean your glasses and use a newspaper to dry them.

Living Rooms And Bedrooms

Leave the floors clean, not just sweeping, but home deep cleaning services —vacuum all the carpets and clean the hardwood floors and tiles. If you have a dog, remember to clean the fur and spots on the carpets, if any. Remove everything in the closet and leave it clean.

Clean The Floor/ Ceiling

It may seem like an obvious task, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to clean the floor after removing their belongings. Sweep and mop up the dust. In addition, clean dust the ceiling and fan.

Leave Cabinets Empty

Before leaving, remove everything from your kitchen, garage, and bathroom cabinets. In addition, clean the cabinets, both inside and outside. Replace handles and knobs if broken and leave your cabinets looking clean.

Replace Light Bulbs

Often, dust accumulates on the bulb holders, and it’s best to wipe them before leaving. If a bulb is missing or isn’t working, replace it. It may seem like an obvious task, but you’ll leave a good impression on the next tenant and landlord.

Window Baseboards

Most tenants forget to include window sills and baseboards in their cleaning list. Leaving dusty windows with some items on the baseboard may not give your apartment that clean look. Move to all rooms, use a damp rag and wipe every window.

Clean The Exterior

After cleaning the interior, it’s easy to forget the backyard, porch, front yard, and patio. Remove everything stacked in the backyard and clean the floor and wall.

Clean All Doors

Doors, especially the main exterior door, may accumulate dust and dirt due to frequent use. Use a rag to wipe it and, if possible, disinfect the locks. Many people forget to wipe them when leaving an apartment.

Leave Appliances Sparkling Clean

Appliances get grimy over time. So, ensure each appliance is clean inside and out. Remove everything from the refrigerator, and scrub the interior. You can also polish the external metal to give your refrigerator a shiny, new look. Remember, a dirty fridge may have an odor for several months, so be nice to the next renter.

Throw Away Trash

It’s quite normal to find a trash bag in the middle of a room. Clean the dustbins and throw away the trash. Leaving it shows you are irresponsible. Moving out of an apartment is not an easy task. You have to pack and clean the entire house. Remember to clean the walls, appliances, bathroom, kitchen cabinets, and windows. Lastly, it’s essential to take photos after cleaning the house to prove it.

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