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Travertine in the Modern Bathroom


Everyone knows that natural stone is a preferred choice for flooring or cladding. The stone is perfect for any kind of interior decor, including kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. You can utilize travertine practically anywhere. If you are looking for high-quality travertine tiles for your bathroom, click here. If you want to learn more about this gorgeous stone and its applications, specifically for bathrooms, keep reading this article.

Like wood, it gives a stylish, sophisticated, beautiful, and natural look to your interior design in the bathroom.

It is suitable for any room, as long as it is well-combined with other colors and textures. If you put a stone in the bathroom, you will be satisfied.

Natural Stone in the Bathroom

For a long time, the bathroom layout design has been identified primarily with faience. Natural materials entered the interior of modern bathrooms again in recent decades, and travertine is one of the most sought-out materials. Natural stone, and especially travertine in the bathroom, is a preferred material for its look and feel. It reminds you of nature as you bathe.

First of all, because it achieves a stylish, beautiful, and original look in the bathroom with ease, it is one of the most sought-after materials for bathroom designs. Keep in mind that no two stones are the same. It makes the tiles ideal for your bathroom, as they will recreate this unique character of travertine in its natural state. Another advantage of natural stone is its durability and wear resistance.

Travertine is a type of limestone that is in the medium stage before marble is formed. And marble has been present in the interior of bathrooms for centuries. But the palette of natural types of stone is already expanding, and travertine is taking over the market. It can be well-combined with marble as well.

Bathroom design ideas have shifted towards a nice mixture of different stones leading to diverse, beautiful, innovative visions for the interior of one of the most intimate spaces in your home.

For example, travertine is an ideal solution for bathroom flooring, and you can use marble for the tub and wall cladding. Undoubtedly, these stone slabs give an irresistible look and feel. The prices of different types of natural stone are different. However, if you care about style and beauty for your bathroom, the higher price will not be an obstacle. 

Light Color Natural Stone Slabs

If you are going for a seamless transition between your living area and the bathroom and you already have light color wood flooring, you can consider covering the bathroom area with light color travertine. You can also include light color natural stone slabs for only one wall, a niche, or another part of the bathroom to add an accent to your interior.


So what is an alternative to expensive natural stone in the bathroom is slabs? Other alternatives to natural stone in the bathroom include limestone imitations, but they are not a preferable choice. The real limestone is a very porous material. It needs to be sealed, so it doesn’t get stained. But it has certain advantages – the uniform appearance and the neutral color. It is very suitable for lining bathroom walls.

You can buy polygonal slabs that retain the natural look of the stone as a material. You can choose thinner stones for wall cladding. So they won’t weigh. If the wall area is too spacious – you can get larger stones.

And if it will be lining a smaller wall – the stone slabs should be smaller. With the polygonal plates, you will give authenticity and style to the bathroom. If you have a talent for drawing and combining, you can compose compositions of figures or individual figures using smaller plates. If you are looking for high-quality tiles for your bathroom, check Saturnia Travertini. 

A Mesmerizing Mix of Styles

The design, in which a balance between contrasting styles, materials, and textures is realized is captivating. In this type of interior, the creative approach is visible, and the environment is diversified effectively. Using stone walls as an accent in a modern bathroom guarantees a unique visual contrast, attractive texture, and unique style. When building a wall with stone cladding, the possibilities go far beyond rustic and modern furnishing styles. Natural stone can be well-combined with any interior and help you make your bathroom gorgeous and captivating.

To Conclude… 

Having travertine in your home shows class and sophistication. It also shows exquisite taste. It is not a bold move to have this stone utilized in your bathroom. Actually, it is only natural. People, who choose travertine  for their bathroom’s wall cladding or flooring, share that they feel the atmosphere in their home much more inviting and warm. Travertine is easy to maintain, and it is fairly easy to install as well. The best part is that it is durable, so you would be able to enjoy it for decades to come.

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