Tips on Purchasing a Rug

If you are new to rug shopping or just do not do it that often it can be a bit daunting. Whether you are looking for large floor rugs, Melbourne shops have to offer, or something else, there is more to the thought process than you might think.  As well as something you love the look of you want it to fulfill other needs, comfort, size, style, type, material and so on. You should think carefully about your rug sooner than you might think as some rugs can dominate the room and might need to work around that with its decor, furnishings and other touches.

Think about both shape and size

If you are getting something handmade and customized then you can make your measurements and have wool rugs Melbourne crafted very specifically for your needs, but that does cost more and you have to wait for it to be completed. It is easier to look at the rugs that are out there, as there are many, and then choose a size that is closest to what you need. There are standard dimensions for all kinds of yellow rugs, from scatter rugs to area rugs, accent rugs and more. As a guide standard sizes in Australia are as follow;

  • Small rectangular rugs – From 80x150cm up to 120x170cm used for the entrance area, beside beds, in small living rooms and to highlight smaller pieces of furniture
  • Medium – Medium rugs are 160 x 230cm and are used under coffee tables, in home offices and also for larger bedrooms
  • Large rugs – Are 200 x 300cm and are for large living rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms
  • Extra Large Rugs – The standard size is 240 x 340cm and is needed for extra-large spaces

The rug you use depends on where you are putting it and the size of the room. This also impacts the shape of the rug too. They can come in oval and round shapes and more.  Carpet rugs Melbourne, are a great choice as long as you consider what you are putting around it or over it. Understanding how a rug fits in a room and how to measure accurately and how to use the rest of the furniture with it is important in making it look great. It also helps to prevent tripping hazards and issues where a rug looks way too large or way too small in a room. Make sure with dining chairs that people have room to sit and stand without pushing off it. Leave a border for large rugs between the rug and the wall.

A variety of styles, colours and patterns

As mentioned you can get all kinds of patterns and colours whether you choose wool yellow rugs Melbourne rug shops are selling or another material. Decide whether you want to have something that draws the eye or is neutral in the room. Think about colours that complement or contrast. Also, consider the pattern or picture on the rug or whether you just want a block of colour. The style of the room and the type of room will help guide your choice when it comes to what your rug looks like.

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