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The Styling Republic Showcases A Designer And Oversized Rattan Mirror Collection


Like other accessories in the house, mirrors are also an important need. After all, you cannot imagine dressing up, styling, shaving, make-up, and other things without a mirror. In short, they are useful items to check your appearance before going out of the house. Hence, it is an essential item that serves the purpose of every room of your house. But just imagine having the same old style of house mirror can seem so boring, time to bring a style to it, and make it grab the attention of guests. The Styling Republic showcases a rattan mirror collection that is very popular in coastal and designer homes. 

Although there are many different varieties of mirrors to choose from, having a perfect and stylish-looking mirror will enliven your interior giving it a marvelous finishing look to any room. Today we are going to discuss the best mirror inspiration according to interior design experts. This will give you an idea about what would suit your decor and how to effectively style your mirror. 

Different Mirror Styles To Know About

According to some interior design experts, large mirrors are the best classic focal point for the living room. You can go for traditional wooden or metal ones. Gold-leaf frames also make a good choice. But they are not the light weighted so take care of this while hanging on them on your wall for a particular room. 

For a living room, full-length floor standing or mirrors that lean to walls have been a popular choice. To fill areas that seem awkward for you, then, in that case, an antique or large arched mirror would fulfill the purpose. If you are looking for something with a contemporary look, then a grouping of mini-sized mirrors is a better idea for decoration. Whenever you choose to place a mirror always keep in mind that it must be reflective of good points of your home like wallpapers, gardens, decorative art, or any other appealing features. 

If you place mirrors on opposite cluttered shelves or some messy corners, then mind you it will only emphasize the problems of your home. So think smartly when positioning them. Placement of an indoor plant beside a mirror can result in making the room more structured which will give it a wonderfully natural and earthy appearance. Note that mirrors play an essential role in being useful for the growth of plants, as they can redirect light to areas where it is mostly required

Better scroll on to The Styling Republic website, if you want to see the wonderful shaped designs of mirrors that would surely be perfect for your living room. They come in different shapes, sizes, and prizes. If you are looking for rounded mirrors, then you should pay a visit to The Styling Republic website. 

The charges for these mirrors are:

Zoe: Extra Large Round Mirror Rattan Black – $1,695

Bonnie: Extra Large Mirror Feature Rattan Natural – $2,395

Ava Mirror Rattan Natural: $1,795

Poppy: Square Frame Mirror Rattan White – $2,495

Alicia Round Rattan Mirror Natural – $1,195 

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