The Benefits of Choosing Travertine for Your Kitchen

The kitchen has long been associated with the annoyance of household chores. However, modern designs and interior solutions, including various natural materials, make it a unique space that becomes a natural central area of your home. The kitchen is one of the most important areas of any household. Besides being associated with cooking, it is also a place for gathering for the whole family. It is the symbol of homeliness. So it is vital to make it comfortable and beautiful.

If you want to turn it into a place that everyone can enjoy, it is best to use natural materials for its interior. Travertine tiles are a great solution for your kitchen interior. You can check out Saturnia Travertini for quality travertine tiles solutions that would best suit your kitchen interior decor. If you want to learn more about why you should choose travertine for your kitchen, keep reading this article. 

Travertine for Your Kitchen Interior 

Travertine’s aesthetics can inspire bold culinary performances, and the dinner shared with friends in such comfort evokes a toast to good taste. And a salute to the good interior designer, of course. Travertine is the stone of emperors and kings. So if you go for a kitchen interior decorated with travertine, you can be sure that you will have a kitchen suitable for nobles. 

Does it seem simple? Yes, it is natural, but it also represents timelessness and sophistication. Once you are in a room with a travertine finish, you will instantly feel like nobility. 

Travertine comes in many different shades and finishes, making it perfect for any kitchen decor. It is the preferable choice, among other natural stone solutions, due to its durability and sustainability. 

Natural Stone Solutions for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is among the rooms that get the most traffic in the house. So it has to be made of natural but durable materials. The best choices are stone and wood. Choosing the right natural stone is crucial for the functionality and maintenance of your kitchen. In addition to this comes uniqueness. For instance, each travertine tile is like a fingerprint of nature, a unique stone  – you cannot find two identical in color and pattern, which guarantees you a space with its character. 

Natural stone has its rightful place in quality interior concepts because it provides sustainability and natural beauty. It also applies to kitchens, used primarily for flooring, wall coverings, and functional surfaces. Whether the room is being built from scratch or is subject to refreshing renovation, natural stone can contribute to a modern atmosphere and ensure sustainability.

Marble, for instance, remains a great option for accent paneling or mosaic back of a kitchen, which will give uniqueness to the space and create themed corners. However, travertine is also a wonderful solution for flooring for medium to high traffic, especially, if it has an appropriate anti-slip finish.

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It is not advisable to use travertine for surfaces subjected to active mechanical activities and acidic exposure. They can damage the surface because their texture has a higher porosity than granite, making it more vulnerable to surface staining. For its maintenance and cleaning, the same recommendations apply as they do for granite, starting with impregnation and cleaning with appropriate detergents. Like any surface, natural stone undergoes some changes over time – the so-called “aging with nobility.”

Some Advice For Cleaning 

Natural stone needs special care and love for natural beauty. Natural stone also absorbs things. The more porous it is, the more it will absorb. This means that it can also get dirty, so it is best to clean it right after it gets dirty. Highly acidic substances like wine or coffee can change the surface of travertine, the same as they would for marble and limestone. Thankfully there are solutions for care that consists of applying appropriate impregnation once every two years. The procedure is simple and easy. Clean the stone surface. You can use non-absorbable impregnation and clean it with a microfiber cloth. 

Clean the dirty surface fast before it absorbs into the stone. Don’t leave a spilled drink for hours. Clean regularly, and you would be able to sustain this noble aesthetic stone for much longer. 

To Sum It Up…

Travertine is among the best solutions for kitchen interiors. It will add aristocracy and sophistication to the most used area in your home. Make sure that you use high-quality travertine like the tiles offered by Saturnia Travertini. There is a wide variety of colors and textures that can suit every interior style. Choose natural materials for your home for harmony, sophistication, and sustainability. 

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