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Small Changes to Make Your Home More Sustainable

The famous saying by Mahatma Gandhi has never been more resonating with the world progressively going into a massive climate crisis. “Be the change you want to see” is something we should all strive towards which is why in recent years people have been really trying to incorporate more eco-friendly practices and make sustainable choices when it comes to their consumption.

As consumers we tend to be the problem and thinking that big corporations are the only ones responsible for the world’s condition today is completely incorrect. If you look into the things you use and do on a daily basis, it will be hard not to notice all the bad we are doing to our environment from all the little things such as brushing our teeth in the morning, disposing of hundreds of plastics and wastage. Therefore, if everyone does their part in trying to be more sustainable, we could all start seeing a difference soon. Here at We Buy Any House, we have come up with a few suggestions as to how you can start making a change by creating new sustainable habits at home.

1. Minimise Plastic Packaging

It may seem difficult at the beginning to avoid buying products that are wrapped in plastic packaging, however, we can assure you that once you start and find your way you will quickly get used to it. It is essentially creating a new habit – it will take some time in the beginning, but it will be worth it. For instance, you could start purchasing your fruits and veggies from a local market or buy them loose rather than packages. The difference in prices these days is not shocking, and not only will you be kinder to the environment, but your food will also taste much better as they normally do not contain as many chemicals in comparison to the ones wrapped in plastic. Additionally, you could try doing the same for other consumer goods such as personal care. There are plenty of eco-friendly options on the market nowadays which allow you to get all your essentials with as little and as sustainable packaging as possible.

2. Plant Your Own Herbs

Have you ever felt so guilty for getting herbs that have been wrapped in plastic unnecessarily? Instead of looking for options to minimise the packaging, you could try planting your own at home. It is really easy to begin and maintaining them is not too difficult either. The end result will definitely be worth it since there is nothing better than adding fresh herbs to a lovely meal that you have just pick up from your garden or window still.

3. Invest In a Water Filter

Instead of buying countless water bottles every week it might be worth putting your money into a water filter. In the long run it will give you a good return on your investment and at the same time it will be more environmentally friendly.

4. Cold Washes

A huge amount of energy is being used by washing machines daily so one thing you can do is start putting your clothes on cold wash cycles as they obviously produce less energy and will not affect them negatively. On the contrary, it can keep clothes in better condition for longer as the hot water normally tends to make the colours less vibrant and ruin the fabric. For tougher stain you would obviously have to use warmer or hot water setting, however, simply being mindful and occasionally doing your light washing with cold water can save you loads of energy and therefore contribute to your sustainability efforts.

5. Greywater System

Installing a greywater system in your house may turn out to be a much more challenging job than the rest but it is something that will make a massive difference to the environment. Having this system installed will reclaim and reuse the water that comes from your washing machine and shower. You are not going to see or feel any changes personally, but your household’s water usage will be reduced by around 50%.

6. Upcycle Furniture

Buying secondhand items has been associated with people who couldn’t afford to spend more on new things, however, thankfully this perception has completely changed in recent years. Vintage pieces have become really trendy and the upcycling items is now nothing to be ashamed of. If you could find yourself some unique vintage piece of furniture it will give your house that rustic old look but designed in a modern way, it can be a standout piece.

The change begins with you and if you attempt to incorporate a couple of those things into your daily life, the planet will thank you for it.

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