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How to Cleanse Your Home in 2022.


In our lives, we spend so much of our time being stressed, living our busy work lives, socialising and generally burning ourselves out at every angle. Due to this, sometimes we can take the negative energy that we gather home, and project it onto our home lives. As a society we have come to realise that our home space can harbour negative energy, and the idyllic notion of our homes being somewhere we can relax is sometimes burdened with chaotic energy. In 2022, we should start to put our energies into ensuring our home space is somewhere which is a positive and happy place. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips on how to cleanse your home in 2022.

How to Know if Your Home Need Cleansing:

Although some people tend to have different opinions in terms of what constitutes a clean and cleansed space, there are typically a few tell-tale signs that your home is a space which needs to be rid of negative energy. These include:

  • Illness: If you have recently been ill (which most of us unfortunately have due to Covid-19), it’s important that you cleanse the space as you will not only need to remove any bacteria and germs that may be lingering in the home, but also, being ill can create a negative energy that is consuming.
  • Loss: If you have recently suffered bereavement, or a recent separation, then your home can become a space which is overrun with negative and emotionally overwhelming memories. Opting to cleanse your home and renew the space is a way to work through the negativity or grief that is lingering in your property.
  • Transitional periods: If you are going through a big change or transitional period in your life, such as getting married, having children, adopting a pet or moving house, then you may need to cleanse your house and create a space for new energies.
  • Clutter: It is a known fact that clutter can block the flow of positive energy going through your house, which is a way for negative energy to be gatekept in the house.

Rearrange Your Home:

Rearranging the furniture in your house is a great way to cleanse the negative energy in your property. A simplistic way to rejuvenate your home and inject some life into it is to move the furniture in each room around. This small change can bring new energy into your home, and make the space feel energised with a more positive vibe.

Place Protective Crystals Around Your Home:

A lot of healers believe in the notion that varying crystals hold different powers and energies. Dependent on their properties and what you are trying to claim for yourself, you may use different energies to protect your peace and to create protection in your home. Crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Spirit Quartz and Blue Kyanite are typically placed around the predominantly high traffic areas such as the hallway are said to keep bad energies and vibes at rest so you can replace it with positivity.

Make Use of Dream Catchers:

Originating from the Ojibwe culture, dream catchers have been employed as a protective charm that is used to capture bad energies and spirits. They are also used to protect those from nightmares and intrusive thoughts. Typically made out of a willow hoop and decorated with feathers and somewhat resembling a spider’s web, dream catchers are hung above the bed. Take caution though, as some people state and believe that if the web is touched, your nightmares will be trapped in there.

Place Essential Oils Around the House:

Scents are one of the most powerful properties when it comes to healing and protecting your own peace. A great way to induce good and calming vibes in your home is to use essential oils in your home such as sandalwood and lavender oil on things such as your pillows or through an oil diffuser in order to neutralise any bad energies.

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