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How Home Improvement Ideas on Instagram Influence You

If you have been on Instagram for any length of time, you are probably familiar with all the beautiful homes that have been posted on the platform. Having the ability to see a wide variety of home improvement influencers ideas can be a very useful resource. But, have you ever wondered how these ideas actually influence you?

Sarah Fogle

If you are interested in learning how to remodel your home, you may want to check out Sarah Fogle’s Instagram account. She showcases indoor and outdoor do-it-yourself renovation projects. You can also find tips on furniture building, decorating, and remodeling in her blog Young House Love. It’s especially helpful for first-time parents.

Fogle’s full-time job is managing the Ugly Duckling House, a popular DIY blog. Her other job is as a part-time MBA student at Georgia State University. In addition to her full-time job, she works on her blog, which has 3.7 million Pinterest followers.

Fogle was charged with two counts of illicit sexual conduct with a minor and agreed not to ask for less than five years in prison. Four other victims have received restitution from Fogle. One of the girls was 16 at the time, while the other was 17.

According to the court, Fogle was responsible for the distribution and receipt of child pornography. While she was involved in the sexual crimes, she failed to report them to authorities. At the same time, she had an associate who produced child pornography. The two pleaded guilty in August.

Susanna Hawkins

Whether you’re renovating your home or just enjoying a new interior design, you may be influenced by the home improvement ideas posted on Instagram by social media influencers such as Susanna Hawkins. Her account, #shnordic, is full of inspiration and hints and tips for a successful project.

Susanna Hawkins, a Finn, lives in Bath, England. She has a British husband and two children. In the year 2020, she completed a home renovation. Although she hasn’t yet revealed exactly how she did it, she has made it her mission to document her progress on Instagram. As part of her home remodeling project, she has redesigned her kitchen. The kitchen features she installed include a kitchen island with no cookers, lots of storage space, and extra bins.

Katie Woods

If you’re a fan of home improvement, you’ve probably heard of Katie Woods. This Instagram star has nearly a quarter of a million followers. The interior designer and blogger runs a blog called Come Down to the Woods, and shares some of her home decor and decorating ideas on her Instagram account. Her style is California-inspired modern minimalism, with a little bit of wooden accents and lots of white walls.

Although she isn’t new to the home improvement scene, the designer is making waves among her audience. In addition to her Instagram account, she has her own home improvement podcast. She also provides virtual design consultations that help hundreds of customers transform their homes. For her, giving people the power to transform their surroundings is her mission.

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