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Factors you need to know about the tiles used for roofing

This refers to the thin flat slab of clay that has passed through fire used for roofing. There are different types of roof tiles available. But, it is essential to know that one type is the most preferred.


The wide variety of roof tiles has its advantages and disadvantages, including durability, aesthetics, ease of installation, and many more. In this article, we shall discuss some of the things you need to know about these tiles.

Factors to consider when choosing a tile for roofing

  1. The design of the room and also its structure

The design and the pitch of the room have a significant impact on which tile one has to choose. If the roof’s pitch is low, some tiles cannot suit or are not recommendable. One must search for a practical tile design that suits the low ceiling.

  1. The aesthetics and the appearance

Everyone wants the roof to look good. The kind of roof tile depends on the type of finish that it will create for your property. Styled houses traditionally require lightweight or sleek modern slate roof tile.

  1. The climate of the area and the geography

In the region you are in, it is always advisable to research the profiles that hold the prevalence because it may influence the choice of the roof tile.

  1. The local planning restrictions

There are places where the local authority has implemented restrictions on the choice of roofing tiles. Some tiles require approval that is based on environmental grounds.

  1. The budget

When purchasing these tiles, you should not only focus on the cost of the tiles but also consider the installation and maintenance.

Types of roof tiles

  1. Slate roof tiles
  • It has a beautiful appearance
  • It provides some colour variations
  • It is fire resistant
  • It is long-lasting
  • It is one of the classiest roofing tiles
  • It is heavy
  • It is expensive to install
  • It requires high maintenance practices
  1. Stone coated roofing tiles
  • Materials used to make stone coated roofing tiles are; aluminium, steel, zinc, and copper
  • They are available in different patterns and shape
  • They have a lightweight
  • It is easy to install these tiles
  1. Concrete roof tiles
  • They are cheap and easy to find
  • They are made by hand
  • They are beautiful
  • They are heavy
  1. Composite roof tiles
  • They are made by mixing natural and the artificial materials
  • They are light in weight
  • They come with a good warranty
  1. Solar roof tiles
  • They are available in a few different styles.
  • They require professionals to maintain ties an also repair
  1. Clay roof tiles
  • They are usually made by hand and then sundried
  • They are heavy
  • They break easily
  • Professionals install them
  1. Synthetic Spanish barrel roof tiles
  • They are fire resistant
  • Synthetic tiles are usually recyclable
  • They are available in limited colour combinations
  • They do not require much maintenance as compared to the clay tiles
  1. Synthetic slate roof tiles
  2. Synthetic cider roof tiles


The above are some factors you need to know about roof tiles before purchasing them.

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